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A one-man shop lacks one major feature, an extra set of hands. Whether you’re trying to move heavy equipment, manipulate large sheet goods, or cut heavy lumber, shop aids such as mobile bases and support stand can help make two-man jobs manageable for
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  • Everyone Needs a Moisture MeterEveryone Needs a Moisture Meter

    by Roland Johnson

    Knowing how much moisture is trapped in a board helps you during the milling process, when fitting parts, and even when making repairs. And the easiest way to determine ...

  • Image not availablePin-type Moisture Meters for Under $200

    by Roland Johnson

    A review of pin-type moisture meters

  • Top 10 Tools for a Tough EconomyTop 10 Tools for a Tough Economy

    by Fine Woodworking editors

    What tools are on the must-have list for Fine Woodworking editors? Depends who you ask. We polled our pool of expert woodworkers to find out their picks for the ...

  • What Woodworkers Really WantWhat Woodworkers Really Want

    by Gerald La Starza

    This holiday, give your favorite woodworker a useful present

  • Great Gifts for Under $50Great Gifts for Under $50

    by David Heim

    Looking for a present for your favorite woodworker? Here are a few of our favorite things.

  • Workbench for Any HeightWorkbench for Any Height

    by Jeff Miller

    Noden adjustable bench raises and lowers worksurface to help you work comfortably at any level

  • Snake-Arm Task Lights and Safety Shields are Industrial-QualitySnake-Arm Task Lights and Safety Shields are Industrial-Quality

    by William Duckworth

    Danray Products now selling its handy accessories directly to customers

  • Portable Support StandsVideo: Portable Support Stands

    with Mark Schofield

    When working with large or heavy stock, these shop helpers improve safety and accuracy

  • All About Supports and BasesAll About Supports and Bases

    by Scott Gibson

  • Support StandsSupport Stands

    by Mark Schofield

    In this article, weve tested a selection of support stands and spell out the virtues and drawbacks of each. Schofield details the features on each stand, what to ...

  • Moisture-Meter SurveyMoisture-Meter Survey

    by Lon Schleining

    The easiest way to see that your wood is dry enough is to use a moisture meter. Lon Schleining follows the work of wood scientist R. Bruce Hoadley as he explains ...

  • Small-Shop Power FeedersSmall-Shop Power Feeders

    by Roland Johnson

    Roland Johnson offers three reasons to use power feeders: they allow your hands to stay far from the blade doing the cutting, they run nonstop, and parts are inexpensive ...

  • Making Sense of MotorsMaking Sense of Motors

    by Martin Seifert

    When you see terms like “maximum” or “peak” horsepower, watch out, Martin Seifert says. Those terms aren’t complete lies, but they’re not useful. Woodworking machines ...

  • Measuring MoistureMeasuring Moisture

    by R. Bruce Hoadley

    Problems that result from using wood at the wrong moisture content are among the most common frustrations and failures plaguing the woodworker, writes wood technologist ...

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