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Safety Equipment

Woodworking shops offer plenty of ways to get hurt, from airborne dust and chemicals that can lead to chronic health problems to flying chunks of wood or metal that can damage eyes. No matter how careful, woodworkers can’t eliminate risk completely, but
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  • Protect Yourself From Wood DustProtect Yourself From Wood Dust

    by Jeff Miller

    Dust masks and respirators come in dozens of styles and a wide range of prices. Which ones do the best job of protecting your lungs from wood dust? Jeff Miller ...

  • Snake-Arm Task Lights and Safety Shields are Industrial-QualitySnake-Arm Task Lights and Safety Shields are Industrial-Quality

    by William Duckworth

    Danray Products now selling its handy accessories directly to customers

  • Sound AdviceSound Advice

    by David Heim

    Hearing protectors are as essential to a safe, well-equipped shop as good lighting, safety glasses, and a dust collector. After all, the noise made by shop machines ...

  • A New Look at Eye ProtectionA New Look at Eye Protection

    by Steve Scott

    There's really no good excuse for avoiding eye protection in the shop, especially considering the new, comfortable safety glasses, goggles, and face shields on ...

  • Music for Your EarsMusic for Your Ears

    by Anatole Burkin

    Electronic earmuffs both protect hearing and provide musical entertainment, not just mushy white noise. Fine Woodworking’s Anatole Burkin reviews some that have ...

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Rockler - Lid Stay Torsion Hinges

Simple and reliable. Available in three capacities and two finishes, Rockler’s Lid Stay Torsion Hinges hold in any position and install without mortises.

Willson - Saf-T-Fit Dust Mask

The Saf-T-Fit Plus includes adjustable straps, an exhaust valve, and an adjustable nose piece

3M - 8511 Dust Mask

The 3M 8511 dust mask includes a soft inner lining, an exhaust valve, and an adjustable nose piece

Triton - Powered Respirator

This Triton respirator works as a full face shield, a helmet, and provides hearing protection too

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