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Air-powered nail guns offer many advantages that the hammer-and-nail approach, no matter how honorable, can’t hope to match. What Counts: • Type of fastener • Maximum and minimum length of fastener • Ease of clearing nail jams • Easy-to-use depth
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  • Two Nailers You NeedTwo Nailers You Need

    by Patrick McCombe

    Is there a place for nails in fine furniture? Many well-respected woodworkers think so. Brads and pins can be a speedy substitute for clamps and are a great way ...

  • A Nailer that Knows the DetailsVideo: A Nailer that Knows the Details

    with Gary Striegler

    Grex 23-ga. pneumatic nailer makes quick work of applying trim and small parts

  • All About Pneumatic NailersAll About Pneumatic Nailers

    by Scott Gibson

  • Tool Test: Brad NailersTool Test: Brad Nailers

    by Roland Johnson

    Brad nailers on the market today are better than ever for woodworkers who want to use them to attach moldings to fine furniture and cabinetry. Roland Johnson reviews ...

  • Nail Guns for CabinetryNail Guns for Cabinetry

    by Roland Johnson

    Compared to the hammer and nail, pneumatic nail guns allow you to work faster, suffer less fatigue, and align parts more accurately, and they won’t mar your piece ...

  • Using Pneumatic Fastening ToolsUsing Pneumatic Fastening Tools

    by Robert M. Vaughan

    Nail-gun convert Robert M. Vaughan has learned to appreciate pneumatic guns. They leave no marks, inject nails into the wood (breaking fewer wood fibers and thus ...

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Senco - FinishPro 18BMg

18 gauge finish nailer with LED and belt hook.

Senco - Finishpro 23LXP 23-Gauge Pin Nailer

Solid, heavy-duty tool with a cast-iron body

Bosch - FNS138-23

This nailer has a dry-fire lockout mechanism that prevents you from firing when you’re out of pins

Grex Power Tools - 18-ga. Green Buddy Brad Nailer

Grex’s new 18-ga. brad nailer drives nails from 1⁄2 in. to 2 in. with precision and power.

Nikle Tools - NS2340 23-Gauge Nailer

(1 user review)

The Nikle NS2340 nailer drives both pins and brads without having to adjust or modify the gun.

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