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Accurate measurements are the foundation of just about anything produced in a shop. Measuring devices are just as varied as the objects they are designed to measure, good for extremely small distances as well as very large ones. What Counts: • Legibility
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  • How to Use DividersHow to Use Dividers

    by Steve Latta

    Drawboring a mortise-and-tenon joint means offsetting the hole in the tenon so that the pin pulls the parts together tightly—and permanently. If your tenon shoulders ...

  • Digital Angle GaugesDigital Angle Gauges

    by Ben Blackmar

    Digital angle gauges, also called inclinometers, measure the angle of tilt after being zeroed to a reference surface. They have a magnetized base that makes them ...

  • Moving the Craft ForwardMoving the Craft Forward

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Moving the Craft Forward

  • Tool Test: SquaresTool Test: Squares

    by Philip C. Lowe

    Keep a 12-in. combo square and a 4-in. double square near your workbench and you'll find you reach for them often, whether you are measuring and laying out parts, ...

  • Are You Getting the Most from Your Combo Square?Are You Getting the Most from Your Combo Square?

    by Philip C. Lowe

    The combination square is one of those essential tools that no woodworker should be without. Even if you are just starting out as a woodworker, it won't take long ...

  • Great Gifts for WoodworkersGreat Gifts for Woodworkers

    by Fine Woodworking editors

    Editors share gift ideas and items on their wish list from cool power tools to basic hand tools you shouldn’t live without

  • Head to Head: Fractional Dial CalipersHead to Head: Fractional Dial Calipers

    by William Duckworth

    With measurements displayed in 64ths of an inch, these precision tools are accurate and convenient

  • 11 Essential Measuring and Marking Tools11 Essential Measuring and Marking Tools

    by Chris Gochnour

    Careful layout is crucial to a woodworking project. Measure or mark a part inaccurately and it almost certainly will cause problems. With that in mind, Chris Gochnour ...

  • Testing Biscuit Joiners for ParallelVideo: Testing Biscuit Joiners for Parallel

    with John White

    A dial indicator tells if the slot is cut parallel to the face of the workpiece

  • All About Measuring ToolsAll About Measuring Tools

    by Scott Gibson

  • Sliding BevelsSliding Bevels

    by Steve Latta

    The sliding bevel is an essential measuring and marking tool for woodworkers, and in this article, woodworking instructor Steve Latta tests eight sliding bevels ...

  • Rules for WoodworkersRules for Woodworkers

    by Mario Rodriguez

    Precise measuring is key to fine woodworking, so having reliable, easy-to-use measuring tools is important. In addition to detailing the uses for various styles ...

  • Combination SquaresCombination Squares

    by Steve Latta

    A combination square is one of the most frequently used tools in Steve Latta’s arsenal. Although it’s a basic tool, there are many differences in the manufacturing ...

  • Dial CalipersDial Calipers

    by J. K. McMurtrey

    Dial calipers remove the guesswork from taking measurements. You can use them to lay out joinery, measure hole or dowel diameters, check the width and depth of ...

  • How to Use a Combination SquareHow to Use a Combination Square

    by Anthony Guidice

    Anthony Guidice encourages his students to use a combination square to the exclusion of all other measuring tools, at least at first. In this article, he talks ...

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