Hollow-Chisel Mortisers

Mortising machines are really specialized drill presses that combine an auger with a hollow chisel to bore square holes. The auger removes most of the waste, while the chisel edges shear off remaining material on the sides of the cut. What Counts: •
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  • Mortisers for All BudgetsMortisers for All Budgets

    by Tim Albers

    Found in almost every pro shop, the mortising machine is also a great time-saver for hobbyist woodworkers. Tim Albers tried out several different types to see which ...

  • A Stronger Benchtop MortiserVideo: A Stronger Benchtop Mortiser

    with Asa Christiana

    Powermatic unveils a heavy-duty mortiser in a small package

  • Tool Review: 1-hp Mortising MachinesVideo: Tool Review: 1-hp Mortising Machines

    with Roland Johnson

    The $1,000 machines are bigger, beefier, and mightier than benchtop models, but there are a lot of differences in adjustment mechanisms, clamps and lever arms

  • Benchtop MortisersBenchtop Mortisers

    by Roland Johnson

    When it comes to cutting mortises, there is no shortage of ways to get the job done. One of the most efficient is to use a mortising machine, also called a hollow-chisel ...

  • Tool Test: 1-hp MortisersTool Test: 1-hp Mortisers

    by Roland Johnson

    In this tool review, Roland Johnson puts seven beefy, floor-standing mortisers through their paces and evaluates how they performed. Properly set up and used, he ...

  • Benchtop Machines Make Mortising AffordableBenchtop Machines Make Mortising Affordable

    by Bernard Maas

    Bernie Maas takes a look at six affordable benchtop mortisers and explains their history and how they work. He compares the machines’ amps, depth control, head ...

  • Using a Hollow-Chisel MortiserUsing a Hollow-Chisel Mortiser

    by John W. West

    John W. West’s business often tackles limited production jobs, where he says he’d be lost without his manual, foot-operated hollow-chisel mortise machine. It’s ...

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Richline Woodworking Machines - 18-8 Mortise-Cutting Machine

Richline mortiser excels at repetitive work

JBM-5 Hollow-Chisel Mortiser

The JET- JBM-5 is an entry-level hollow-chisel mortiser.

Powermatic - PM 701 Hollow-Chisel Mortiser

The fence on the Powermatic runs in two tracks, keeping it parallel to the chisel. A clever roller system keeps the stock in position yet allows it to be slid sideways.

General - 75-075 Hollow-Chisel Mortiser

On an industrial machine like the General, you crank the table to reposition the stock in any direction.

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