Hand Saws

Power tools have largely replaced handsaws in the toolboxes of many carpenters but furniture makers, especially those who like to cut joinery the traditional way, could not get along without them. There are many styles and sizes to choose from and yet
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  • Tool Test: Coping SawsTool Test: Coping Saws

    by Chris Gochnour

    Coping saws are great for quickly getting rid of the waste between dovetails, sawing curves on any project, or coping moldings. In this tool test, Chris Gochnour  ...

  • 4 Must-Have Handsaws4 Must-Have Handsaws

    by Matt Kenney

    If you are not regularly using handsaws in your shop, you may be missing out on the best tool for a number of jobs. There's nothing better for crosscutting delicate ...

  • The Woodwright's Favorite ToolsThe Woodwright's Favorite Tools

    by Roy Underhill

    Roy Underhill, aka The Woodwright, has a big, quirky collection of hand tools. These are his favorites -- the ones he says he'd be buried with: holdfast, scrub ...

  • Reset and Sharpen Teeth to Correct Handsaw DriftQ & A: Reset and Sharpen Teeth to Correct Handsaw Drift

    by Garrett Hack

  • Depth Stop for a Dovetail SawTip: Depth Stop for a Dovetail Saw

    by Olliver Ransome

  • High-End Hand-Tool Sales SurgeHigh-End Hand-Tool Sales Surge

    by Gina Eide

    A small band of boutique toolmakers experiences exponential growth fueled, in part, by the Internet

  • Reproduction Backsaws Cut FlawlesslyReproduction Backsaws Cut Flawlessly

    by Chris Gochnour

    A new line of saws patterned after a set by renowned maker John Kenyon

  • Lie-Nielsen at 25Lie-Nielsen at 25

    by Tom Begnal

    Tom Lie-Nielsen started his business in 1981, making a single model of bronze edge-plane on his kitchen table. Today, some 70 employees at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks ...

  • Lie-Nielsen: UnpluggedLie-Nielsen: Unplugged

    by Tom Begnal

    Hand tool scion Tom Lie-Nielsen talks about the evolution of his company in a one-on-one interview

  • Japanese-Style Dovetail SawsJapanese-Style Dovetail Saws

    by Charles Durfee

    Charles Durfee tests and evaluates a range of Japanese-style dovetail saws, also known as dozukis. In the process, he examines the four types of tooth pattern available ...

  • Dovetail SawsDovetail Saws

    by Chris Gochnour

    It's hard to beat hand-cut dovetails for adding beauty, strength, and detail to a project. But mastering the dovetail saw requires perseverance, and it's important ...

  • The Humble Coping Saw Comes in Handy for Many TasksThe Humble Coping Saw Comes in Handy for Many Tasks

    by Michael Dunbar

    A coping saw has plenty of uses in the shop: cutting coped joints for molding, cutting curved parts for furniture, cutting interior shapes, trimming the waste from ...

  • Antique Tool Auction: The Granddad of All SalesAntique Tool Auction: The Granddad of All Sales

    by Garrett Hack

    When he’s not making furniture, Garrett Hack is scouring flea markets and auctions and writing books on antique tools. In this article, he describes his experience ...

  • Essential ToolsEssential Tools

    by Michael Dunbar

    Michael Dunbar explains what tools a novice woodworker should purchase first and how to evaluate them. If he had it to do over again, he’d start off by getting ...

  • The Backsaw Makes a ComebackThe Backsaw Makes a Comeback

    by Zachary Gaulkin

    With its swaged metal spine, a backsaw can carry the thinnest of blades, allowing it to slice wood with minimum waste and maximum control, writes Zachary Gaulkin. ...

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