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A grinder offers a quick way of sharpening dull edges and resurrecting nicked or chipped edge tools. There are many kinds of grinders on the market: the familiar electric bench grinder with two vertically mounted wheels, grinders with a horizontally mounted
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  • Tool Test: Bench Grinders for WoodworkersTool Test: Bench Grinders for Woodworkers

    by Chris Gochnour

    Chris Gochnour usually review hand tools, but since bench grinders play such a vital role in keeping tools sharp, he was up for the challenge of evaluating a pool ...

  • Sharpening MachinesSharpening Machines

    by Tim Albers

    It's easy to be attracted by the host of machines on the market that promise to help make the task of sharpening tools faster, easier, and more accurate. These ...

  • All About GrindersAll About Grinders

    by Scott Gibson

  • Not the Same Old GrindNot the Same Old Grind

    by Brian T. Derber

    Violin maker Brian T. Derber and his students review a representative sampling of types of grinders on the market. They tested each machine by grinding a broad ...

  • Pneumatic Die Grinders in the WoodshopPneumatic Die Grinders in the Woodshop

    by Greg Scholl

    Greg Scholl explains how straight grinders, angle grinders, and microgrinders prove their usefulness in his shop. He talks about why pneumatic grinders have an ...

  • Grinding Wheel PrimerGrinding Wheel Primer

    by Jerry Glaser

    Jerry Glaser says good results on a bench grinder depend on having the proper grinding wheel for tool steel. You’ll also need a means of keeping the wheel dressed, ...

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Sizable tool rests, heft, and quality wheels,

Craftsman - 21162 Bench Grinder

The Craftsman 21162 bench grinder grinder features a handy work light and features a easy to make angle adjustments.

Penn State Industries - Grind2x Bench Grinder

The Grind2x bench grinder features a tool rests that are built as a one-piece casting that can move in and out.

General International - 15-825 M1 Bench Grinder

The The tool rests for the 15-825 M1 bench grinder can move in or out by loosening and tightening two bolts with a wrench.

Woodcraft - 150780 Bench Grinder

(1 user review)

The Woodcraft 150780 bench grinder features tool rests that hold their settings well.

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