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Files and Rasps

Files and rasps are shaping tools that with practice can offer more control than power tools while reducing the amount of time you’ll have to spend sanding. Files won’t tear the surface of wood like a plane can, and they are capable of removing a lot
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  • Rasp Maker Auriou Closes DoorsRasp Maker Auriou Closes Doors

    by Tom Begnal

  • A Tool Kit for Sharpening HandsawsVideo: A Tool Kit for Sharpening Handsaws

    with Chris Gochnour

    Find out which tools are required to revive a dull handsaw

  • Shape Wood with Rasps and FilesShape Wood with Rasps and Files

    by Lonnie Bird

    Rasps and files are among the most overlooked hand tools, yet they are also some of the most useful for shaping and smoothing wood. Rasps are ideal for removing ...

  • Files, Rasps and RifflersFiles, Rasps and Rifflers

    by Mario Rodriguez

    There’s a lot to be gained by adding rasps and files to your tool kit: greater speed and control in shaping curved or sculptural elements, and dramatically reduced ...

  • Files in the WoodshopFiles in the Woodshop

    by Henry T. Kramer

    You may not consider a file a precision tool, but Henry T. Kramer has brought the badly hogged sole of a 22-in. jointer plane to within +-0.00125 in. of dead flat ...

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Gramercy Tools - Hand-Cut Rasps

Gramercy Tools has introduced a new line of hand-cut rasps. It includes seven cabinetmaker's rasps and a handle-maker's rasp.

Lie-Nielsen - Floats for Joinery and Plane Making

(1 user review)

Lie-Nielsen’s new line of floats (essentially single-cut files with coarse teeth) help with joinery and plane making

Glen-Drake Toolworks - File Burnisher

(1 user review)

Glen-Drake’s file-burnisher has three working surfaces: a flat, extra-fine file, a flat burnisher, and two rounded, narrow edges for concentrated burnishing.

Auriou - Hand-Cut Rasp

(6 user reviews)

This rasp has been replaced by the the 9-in. cabinet rasp, a similar model, since Auriou's reopening in 2008.

Veritas - Auxiliary File/Rasp Handle

Veritas offers an auxiliary file and rasp handle that supports the end opposite the tang.

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