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Drill Presses

Drill presses are precision tools, capable of boring holes in exact locations at carefully controlled depths. Drill presses typically used by woodworkers vary considerably in size and cost, from small benchtop models costing less than $100 to large floor
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  • Tool Test: Drill PressesTool Test: Drill Presses

    by Bill Peck

    A full-size drill press offers more power, larger, tables, and more swing than a benchtop model, and they don't require table space. We tested models with a quill ...

  • Fix a Loose Drill-Press ChuckQ & A: Fix a Loose Drill-Press Chuck

    by Roland Johnson

  • Tool Test: Benchtop Drill PressesTool Test: Benchtop Drill Presses

    by Charlie Reina

    Do benchtop drill presses have the power and precision a furniture maker needs? This tool review looks at nine models that are at least 1/3 hp and can drill at ...

  • Radial-Arm Drill PressesVideo: Radial-Arm Drill Presses

    with Charlie Reina

    Our exclusive online review examines two benchtop models that offer extra reach and tilting heads

  • IWF 2006: Delta Updates Its Drill PressVideo: IWF 2006: Delta Updates Its Drill Press

    with Asa Christiana

    Six-inch quill travel and variable speed top features list on two new drill presses for woodworkers

  • Get More From Your Drill PressGet More From Your Drill Press

    by Roland Johnson

    Traditionally a machinist's tool, the drill press has evolved into a valuable piece of woodworking equipment. But in order to get the most from this machine, some ...

  • All About Drill PressesAll About Drill Presses

    by Scott Gibson

  • Tool Test: Drill-Press ReviewTool Test: Drill-Press Review

    by Bernard Maas

    Bernard Maas compares nine 15-in. to 17-in. full-height, lower-priced drill presses that might be chosen for a home shop. A comparison chart, along with details ...

  • My Five Essential Power ToolsMy Five Essential Power Tools

    by Gary Rogowski

    Veteran woodworker Gary Rogowski offers his perspective on how he’d buy machines for his shop if he had to start all over again. This article should help you figure ...

  • Drill Press PrimerDrill Press Primer

    by Bernard Maas

    Bernie Maas says that while the drill press is a premier hole maker, it makes quick work of mortises and it’s quiet and fairly safe to use. He explains benchtop ...

  • Tuning Your Drill PressTuning Your Drill Press

    by Robert M. Vaughan

    Robert M. Vaughan, who restores old tools for a living, talks about three things that can prevent top performance in a drill press: vibration, play, and wobble ...

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Powermatic - PM2800B Drill Press

(3 user reviews)

Has a 1-hp motor, cast-rin table, and weighs in at around 250 lb.

Delta - 18-900L 18-in. Drill Press

This drill press features an extra-large rectangular table.

Powermatic - PM 2800 Drill Press

(3 user reviews)

The PM 2800 drill press offers easy-to-adjust variable speed control and digital readout

Grizzly Industrial - G7943 Benchtop Drill Press

The Grizzly G7943 benchtop drill press features a belt-change handle and a work light

Shop Fox - M1102 Benchtop Drill Press

The Shop Fox M1102 benchtop drill press features a large base and a work light

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