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Drill-Driver Accessories

Drills and drivers are versatile tools, thanks to the variety of bits and accessories available to woodworkers from chucks to jigs to specialty bits. Although some followers of traditional woodworking still use hand-drive augers and spoon bits, most drill
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  • Rebuilt Batteries Cheaper Than NewRebuilt Batteries Cheaper Than New

    by Mark Schofield

    One editor puts Primecell and Voltman Batteries

  • Expert Lesson: Drill BitsVideo: Expert Lesson: Drill Bits

    with Ernie Conover

    A complete overview on choosing the right drill bit and drilling accurate holes

  • All About Drill-Driver AccessoriesAll About Drill-Driver Accessories

    by AuthorID: 0 could not be found

  • Seven Jigs for Drilling Cup-Hinge HolesSeven Jigs for Drilling Cup-Hinge Holes

    by Rex Alexander

    A cup hinge installed in a sloppy hole won’t enjoy full strength, and these jigs help you bore holes more accurately. The author takes a look at seven commercial ...

  • Choose the Right Drill Bit for the JobChoose the Right Drill Bit for the Job

    by Brian Boggs

    Drilling clean, accurate holes should be simple, but selecting the right bit for the job can be complicated. Chairmaker Brian Boggs breaks down the field and explains ...

  • The Brace and BitThe Brace and Bit

    by Richard Starr

    Despite all the motorized drills available to woodworkers, the old-fashioned bit brace is still a useful tool, writes Richard Starr, who uses his for boring holes. ...

  • Spoon BitsSpoon Bits

    by David Sawyer

    A lot of folks object to having to tune up new tools, writes David Sawyer, but he finds that this is a great way to learn all about the tools and make them truly ...

Product Finder: Related Products

JessEm - Model 08350 Master Kit Dowel Jig

(1 user review)

Drill holes for 1⁄4-in., 3⁄8-in., and 1⁄2-in. dowels

Kreg - Pocket-Hole Jig

Includes adjustable ratcheting clamp to accommodate different stock thicknesses

Bench Dog - Shelf Pin Jig

(1 user review)

There are three pieces to the compact kit: the rigid plastic template, an indexing pin, and the 1⁄4-in. drill bit

Rockler - Doweling Jig

This doweling jig from Rockler comes in 3⁄8-in., 1⁄4-in. and 1⁄2-in. sizes.

Woodpeckers Inc. - Combo Shelf Pin Template

This jig from Woodpeckers is very accurate and allows you to inset the holes 1-1⁄2 in., 2 in., or 2-1⁄2 in. from the edge of the workpiece.

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