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Clamps (or cramps, as the English like to say) come in a variety of sizes and styles. A clamp can be as simple and inexpensive as a heavy rubber band, but most woodworking clamps are constructed largely of metal and can develop hundreds of pounds of pressure. What
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  • Moving the Craft ForwardMoving the Craft Forward

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Moving the Craft Forward

  • Who Makes the Best Parallel Clamp?Who Makes the Best Parallel Clamp?

    by Tim Albers

    There's no question that parallel clamps have helped make glue-ups easier since they were introduced about 15 years ago. Their large jaws make workpiece denting ...

  • Tool Test: 14 Bench VisesTool Test: 14 Bench Vises

    by Matt Kenney

    Woodworker and associate editor Matt Kenney firmly believes that a good bench vise is as important as any tool in the shop. So, with the help of a shopful of college ...

  • When Clamps Fall ShortWhen Clamps Fall Short

    by Steve Latta

    Woodworkers know that a successful glue-up depends on having a variety of clamps, and plenty of them. But it's just as important to use them effectively. For some ...

  • Small Clamps Everybody NeedsSmall Clamps Everybody Needs

    by Tom Begnal

    A good collection of small clamps is essential to a well-equipped workshop. Your 48-in.-long clamps may sit on the shelf collecting dust, but your small clamps ...

  • A Small-Clamp Starter SetA Small-Clamp Starter Set

    by Tom Begnal

    Here, to help new woodworkers get started, is a list of our favorite small clamps

  • Making Sense of VisesMaking Sense of Vises

    by Garrett Hack

    The next best thing to an extra set of hands is a great pair of vises. Equipped with a good front vise and end vise, a workbench can meet all of a woodworker's ...

  • IWF 2006: New Clamps Add ConvenienceVideo: IWF 2006: New Clamps Add Convenience

    with David Heim

    New special-purpose clamps tackle angles, vibration, and multiple panel glue ups

  • Air-Powered ClampsVideo: Air-Powered Clamps

    with Roland Johnson

    Pneumatic hold-downs keep your workpieces secure for common tasks such as routing and sanding

  • All About ClampsAll About Clamps

    by Scott Gibson

  • Bar Clamps, Head to HeadBar Clamps, Head to Head

    by Tim Albers

    When you think about it, the predominant tool in the workshop is the clamp, which is used in almost every facet of cabinetmaking and furniture construction. While ...

  • Vises Are a Woodworker's Third HandVises Are a Woodworker's Third Hand

    by Michael Dunbar

    Vises are indispensable woodworking tools. Different styles are made for a variety of different purposes, and author Michael Dunbar explains how and where to mount ...

  • Picture-Perfect ClampsPicture-Perfect Clamps

    by Anatole Burkin

    A clamp won’t solve problems of bad geometry, but if the math adds up, a good clamp should accurately position stock and firmly close the joint, writes Anatole ...

  • Patternmaker's VisesPatternmaker's Vises

    by Benjamin A. Wild

    An ideal vise is one you can forget about while working. In this article, Benjamin Wild talks about what a vise should and shouldn’t do and what the Emmert vise ...

  • Clamps in the WoodshopClamps in the Woodshop

    by Bernard Maas

    Having lots of clamps doesn’t solve all your gluing up and assembly problems, but it does help to have options and to know which clamps to use for the job at hand. ...

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Veritas - Fast-Action Hold-Down

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The clamping pressure is comparable to traditional holdfasts

Lee Valley - Toggle Clamp Plate

Hold a workpiece anywhere you have a dog hole

Benchcrafted - Glide Leg Vise

Bechcrafted's Glide leg vise makes holding workpieces on the bench more solid—there is none of the flex so common in traditional wooden tail vises.

Benchcrafted - Tail Vise

Benchcrafted's tail vise can be built up in a left- or right-handed version and can be retrofitted to most benches.

Bessey - Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamp

These clamps adjust automatically to accommodate a wide range of thicknesses, while clamping pressure stays the same

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