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Circular Saws

The circular saw is a crossover tool more popular with home builders and home-improvement hobbyists than woodworkers. However, with the right features and techniques, the circular saw can succeed in the wood shop.What Counts: • Sidewinder vs. worm-drive •
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DeWalt - DWS520K Plunge-Cut Circular Saw

(4 user reviews)

The DeWalt DWS520K is a plunge-cut circular saw that works in conjunction with a track to make straight, clean cuts

Festool - TS 55 EQ Circular Saw

(31 user reviews)

The next-generation of Festool's plunge-cut circular saw (model TS 55 EQ) comes with a 55-in. guide rail and cuts up to 2-1/8 in. deep.

Porter-Cable - Circular Saw 324MAG

(7 user reviews)

This circular saw from Porter-Cable features a light-weight magnesium body and base, and a quick blade changing mechanism.

DeWalt - Circular Saw DW368

(1 user review)

DeWalt’s model No. DW368 circular saw is light-weight and comes with a carbide-tipped blade.

DeWalt - Circular Saw DW369

(1 user review)

DeWalt’s model No. DW369 is very similar to the DW368, except the depth-of-cut lever is mounted outside the handle.

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