Biscuit Joiners

In the space of a few seconds, a plate joiner (now more commonly known as a biscuit joiner) cuts matching ovoid slots in mating pieces of wood to accept a thin wood biscuit. The glued joint is very strong, and the process is both fast and accurate. What
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  • Image not available175390 Biscuit Joiner

    by Tony O'Malley

    The plunge mechanism in this machine has a lot of play, and the machine cut very loose slots that didn’t allow me to get an accurate reading during the parallel ...

  • Image not available557 Deluxe Biscuit Joiner

    by Tony O'Malley

    This machine has the largest fence of this group, which is an advantage for general use. But the large opening near the blade makes the tool unwieldy on small workpieces. ...

  • Image not availableClassic X Biscuit Joiner

    by Tony O'Malley

    This machine is top-notch, made to high tolerances with a plunge mechanism that slides without play. The fixed-height main fence, which centers slots in 3⁄4-in. ...

  • Image not availableDW682K Biscuit Joiner

    by Tony O'Malley

    I picked the DeWalt as Best Value. The fence is simple, reliable, and comfortable to use, even for long sessions. It features a rack-and-pinion height adjustment ...

  • Image not availableJM 82 Biscuit Joiner

    by Tony O'Malley

    The Ryobi is well balanced and features a comfortable pistol grip; however, the pistol grip makes the tool harder to use in the vertical orientation. The fence ...

  • Image not availableLXJP02 Biscuit Joiner

    by Tony O'Malley

    This is the same machine as the Makita PJ7000, with the overall fit and finish about the same. It is powered by an 18-volt lithium-ion battery (two batteries are ...

  • Image not availablePJ7000 Biscuit Joiner

    by Tony O'Malley

    The Makita is the lightest of the machines reviewed. Its plunge mechanism is tight and smooth with zero play. Like the Lamellos and the other Makita, it uses a ...

  • Tool Test: Biscuit JoinersTool Test: Biscuit Joiners

    by Tony O'Malley

    Increasingly common in woodworking shops, the biscuit joiner is a versatile and easy-to-use tool for numerous jobs, from assembling and attaching face frames to ...

  • Image not availableTop 21 Biscuit Joiner

    by Tony O'Malley

    This machine is the cream of the crop in every aspect. The Top 21 has a one-of-a-kind blade-height adjustment feature that makes it easy to offset slots, with the ...

  • Image not availableDomino XL DF 700 Joinery System

    by Andrew Peklo

    When the Festool Domino DF 500 was introduced in 2007, it was a head-turning idea: a handheld joinery system that made loose mortise-and-tenon joints as easy as ...

  • Festool Joinery System Takes on MortisesVideo: Festool Joinery System Takes on Mortises

    with Asa Christiana

    New joinery system combines the strength of mortise-and-tenon joints with the ease of a biscuit joiner

  • Inventor of the Biscuit Joiner DiesInventor of the Biscuit Joiner Dies

    by Matt Berger

    Hermann Steiner, founder of Lamello, dies at 92

  • Testing Biscuit Joiners for ParallelVideo: Testing Biscuit Joiners for Parallel

    with John White

    A dial indicator tells if the slot is cut parallel to the face of the workpiece

  • Biscuit JoinersBiscuit Joiners

    by Roland Johnson

    Roland Johnson assesses eight corded biscuit joiners to see how they compare. He evaluates them for fences, adjustability, noise, how well the biscuits fit, how ...

  • Take the PlungeTake the Plunge

    by Robert W. Lang

    When you need basic, inexpensive, dependable, simple joints, biscuits are hard to beat. Robert W. Lang gives a quick tour of a biscuit machine and recommends a ...

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