A tablesaw is the power-tool centerpiece of many woodshops. These tools can represent a substantial investment, and a full-size model occupies a good chunk of floor space. But a tablesaw is capable of a wide range of jobs -- from ripping solid lumber
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Rikon - 10-201 Tablesaw

Cast-iron table, a powerful motor, stout trunnions, a smooth belt-drive system, and a well-designed riving knife

Laguna - Fusion 10-in. Tablesaw

(1 user review)

10-in. tablesaw with 1-3/4 hp,11-volt motor

Hammer - Hammer- K3 Winner 31x48 Tablesaw

With a 3-kilowatt motor, the Hammer K3 WInner 31x48 sliding tablesaw delivers serious cutting power.

Shop Fox - Hybrid Tablesaw

Shop Fox's hybrid tablesaw features a fence with slick nylon faces.

Grizzly Industrial - GO715P Hybrid Tablesaw

(2 user reviews)

Grizzly’s new hybrid tablesaw features a true riving knife that prevents kickback when used properly

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