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Wine Cabinet

Wine Cabinet

Wine cabinet in cherry and cherry veneer by David Hurwitz.

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Mickeys Wall Unit # 8

Mickey's Wall Unit # 8

The 2 upper main and 2 lower base speaker enclosures were design and built with the same details as the post, Mickey's Wall Unit # 7, explaining the construction method using the bending plywood...

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Mickeys Wall Unit # 7

Mickey's Wall Unit # 7

The multi layered soffit was constructed using 3/8" bending plywood. The outer or face layer of the 3 layered soffit is an accustically clear, pleated silky black fabric, having a sub layer of a 1...

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Mickeys Wall Unit # 5

Mickey's Wall Unit # 5

The bar top was built using mdf. The bar base was built using 12 layers of 3/8" bending plywood all laminated together to make a 3" thick curved platform base to support the bar top and finished in...

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Mickeys Wall Unit # 4

Mickey's Wall Unit # 4

These artistic sculpted curves were constructed using 3/8" thick bending plywood. They are basically all vertical layers that are separated by the horizontal bulk head layers to keep the curved...

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Mickeys Wall Unit # 3

Mickey's Wall Unit # 3

Mickey's Wall Unit post #3. This is the stereo equipment pullout system that I hand sketched out in full scale drawings, gave to the metal fabricator where I had worked hand and hand with him...

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Mickeys Wall Unit # 2

Mickey's Wall Unit # 2

Post #2 of Mickey's Wall Unit. My sincere apologies, descriptions and explanations will need to be edited in at a later time. Looking through the pink lighted doorway is a white painted kitchen which...

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Mickeys Wall Unit #1

Mickey's Wall Unit #1

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This wall unit and bar were constructed of maple plywood for the main boxes. Bending plywood for curved flat surfaces. Mdf for the compound curved surfaces which was laminated to 3" thick in some...

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Leather Headboard

Leather Headboard

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This curved leather head board was constructed of ¾" maple plywood for the main frame and interior support structure. Three permanent layers of 1/8" bending plywood for the sub top curved platform...

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