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c. 1720 Eastern Massachusetts chest of drawers.

This wildly decorated chest of drawers was produced in Eastern Massachusetts circa 1720. It is one of the most vibrant pieces of furniture to survive until today. The original colors are quite muted...

c. 1830 faux curly cherry chest over drawers

This chest over drawers was inspired by a wildly-painted piece that was signed and dated 1830.  White pine throughout, but painted with shop made oil paint and glaze to resemble curly cherry. The...

Early 18th century vernacular American chest over drawer

This American vernacular chest over drawer was inspired by a small-scale piece that Skinner sold for $22,000 back in 2011. I worked from one photo and the auction description of that piece to build...

c. 1690 tavern table

This tavern table was copied from Wallace Nutting's Furniture of the Pilgrim Century. According to Nutting's book, the height of this circa 1690 - 1720 table is 24 1/2 inches, the top is 16 inches by...

c.1790 gooseneck hanging bookcase

This piece is a reproduction of a c.1790 New England hanging bookcase, which I found in an issue of Antiques and Fine Art Magazine. I chose it for its rather odd proportions (i.e. the gooseneck...

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Re: c. 1720 Eastern Massachusetts chest of drawers.

Hi BetsyE, thanks for the kind words. It was enjoyable to paint, but at the same time stressful because I was trying to exactly replicate the original decoration. And yes, the colors are spot on to the original per chemical analysis provided by the Met.

18th century people seemed to have liked bright colors; so many pieces of this type were originally painted in very bright ways, or were highly decorated with inlay, banding, veneer, etc. This piece was simply an attempt to approximate the look of high style William and Mary work without the original joiner having skills / tools / materials or the buyer lacking the wealth needed to have such work done.

Re: Deinonychus Skull

I've never seen anything like that. Way cool!

Re: c.1790 gooseneck hanging bookcase


Re: Flatten Wide Boards without a Big Jointer


If I had tried to drive a car in the 7th grade, I probably would have gotten bad results too... that didn't stop me from driving to the office this morning :)

Re: Flatten Wide Boards without a Big Jointer

It certainly isn't just you, jlecomte.

Re: painted cabinet

That is outstanding work! I love Chinese Chippendale!

Re: UPDATE: Renaissance Intarsia, edited by Luca Trevisan

What a book idea! It combines two of my loves: Renaissance art and woodworking. Sign me up!

Re: 9 reasons why I don't sharpen my plane blades as well as I thought

You may not be able to do that, but its ok. No one needs to sharpen to that level unless the goal is to win a planing competition.

Re: Chopping mortises in absurdly narrow stock

Definitely a good technique. I usually use a wooden handscrew for this same task, but the spare blocks / c-clamp would also work well.

Re: Fine Woodworking on a prime time sitcom!

It was really funny! I especially liked when Asa stormed off after losing to Ron, and the slideshow of the recently-passed woodworkers with the coffins they made for themselves. Nicely done!

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