Trussville, AL, US

I'm retired after 27 years as a computer professional. I started woodworking six years ago. Building my current home is more or less what got me started. Building furniture is what I like most.

Gender: Male

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Sheraton Drop Front Desk

Desk is walnut with shellac seal coat followed with dark walnut danish oil. String inlay is maple. Although not shown, the top is dove tailed to the sides and drawer fronts are all half blind dove...

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Re: Mahogany Hall Table in Federal Style

Very nice, indeed. Love the federal style. Thanks for sharing

Re: fine woodcarving a real rose.

Absolutely drop dead beautiful!!!!! You are a true artist, my friend.

Re: Turn of the century cabinet makers tool chest.

Very, very nicely done!!!

Re: Bathroom Cabinet

As they say in Great Britain, Well Done.

Re: Spice Box

Very unique and beautiful!

Re: Monument to the End of Time

Looks like somebody has way too much free time and material on hand.

Re: Queen Anne Footstool

This is absolutely beautiful and fantastic. I was planning to build the Queen Anne Footstool after purchasing the plan online. I know I don't have any Mahogany or enough Cherry to build it but have plenty of Walnut. I was concerned about how it would look in Walnut but now I see what the possibilities are. I only wish that I could do the shell carvings. I would love to create something anywhere near half as beautiful as this piece of furniture. Great job, Olin!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Maple Fireplace Wall Units

Very nicely done. I look forward to seeing the final install.

Re: Workbench

Stuning!!!! More like a piece of fine furniture than a workbench. I'd almost be afraid to use it for fear of damaging it. Great job.

Re: New Tool Box

Son of a GUN! I have to give a thumbs up just for how different it from anything I've ever seen. The beauty of it is that you can build it any darn way you want to exactly fit your needs. Waiting to see the final product of your very inventive mind.

Re: Post and Beam Blanket Box

Eric, you should not demean your beautifully built piece of furniture by calling it a BOX. It is a blanket CHEST and I think a very attractive one, at that. I particularly like the way you did the solid panels with a slight reveal. I haven't seen one done like this, and to me, Cherry truly makes a beautiful piece of furniture. I'm sure that each one that you have built for your children will be treasured for years to come. Nothing says love like something that you create with your own time and effort. Great job!!

Re: More Curves

Very elegant!!!! An endeavor to be very proud of!

Re: Mahogany Nightstand

Always love seeing woodworker's finish endeavors but it is also a treat to see the joinery that went into the construction. Very nice project. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Maple & Walnut endgrain cutting board

Thanks, nslewis. Enlightening information on the website.

Re: Maple & Walnut endgrain cutting board

And again. Just a question .... not a comment. I have been lead to believe that walnut wood is toxic and should not be used in food preparation and shavings should not be used in animal bedding or horse stalls. Have I been mislead? I was going to make a dough tray out of a walnut log and was advised against it. Can someone clarify this for me?

Re: Bloodwood and Black Walnut Cutting Board

Just a question .... not a comment. I have been lead to believe that walnut wood is toxic and should not be used in food preparation and shavings should not be used in animal bedding or horse stalls. Have I been mislead? I was going to make a dough tray out of a walnut log and was advised against it. Can someone clarify this for me?

Re: Rosewood Dining Table

Would have liked to have seen move pictures of this from different angles but it has to be an exceptional eyeful. Nice.

Re: Charles Rohlfs Rocking Chair

Most unique. Vedry nice.

Re: Cherry Table

Really, really nice. I love it!!!

Re: Black Walnut Kitchen Island Top

I love walnut. Nice job .... and isn't all about what we learn in the process? Thank you for sharing.

Re: Van Horne Table

I'm not really into this modern style furniture BUT I have to admit is is very attractive and very well done.

Re: Solid Walnut table with Figured maple and Rose wood dovetailed drawers and a french polished top

excellent, excellent, excellent. Absolutely beautiful!!!!

Re: Tool Box

ZOWEE!!! Beautiful and functional. I'm jealous .... of all the tools and the tool chest. I keep all my tools in an empty Coors Light case box. Not really, but I don't have anything even close to comparing to this. Great piece!!

Re: Secretary Desk

Looking good. Now this is my idea of fine woodworking!!!!! Great job.
You've built an heirloom to be cherished for years to come.

Re: Mission Style Sofa Table

I'm not much for mission furniture but this is nice. I like it. I'm sure your parents are very proud of it.

Re: Cherry Queen Bed

Nice job. Very attractive piece.

Re: Curvilinear Hall Table

Yep, what MikeIke said. I like it! Walnut is one of my two most favorite woods to work with, Cherry being the other.

Re: Kitchen table and chairs

Very nice. Great job.

Re: a custom cherry trestle table

A most attractive piece of furniture. If I was in the market for a table I would certainly go for this. Beautiful design, beautiful wood, sturdy construction.

Re: entertainment center

How unique. Very attractive. I like it!

Re: Pennsylvania Spice Box


Re: William & Mary Style Round End Table

Beautiful piece of work! Very elegant.

Re: Queen Anne Secretary Desk

It's a beauty. I love these kinds of contributions. Keep on keeping on.

Re: Queen Anne desk-on-stand

I keep coming back to your contribution. This is truly a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. I know you are proud of it as you well should be. This is the kind of contributions that I love seeing posted on this site. Hope to see more from you in the future.

Re: Coffee table

Oops. Sorry Gettingwoody for the ie instead of a y.

Re: Coffee table

It's called constructive criticism. Anyone who can't handle it shouldn't post their "furniture" on the site. Hopefully Newbie22's next efforts will meet more encouraging remarks from people like Gettingwoodie and me. And "Gettingwoodie" and "zbop" are no more anonymous than "D83" or " jroth33139". You two are obviously some of those liberal politically correct individuals with your concern about "rude and hurtful comments" crap. Why do I waste my breath on you. Gettingwoodie told it like it is.

Re: Coffee table

Thank you, Gettingwoody. I'm glad to see that there is someone out there who agrees with me. I was trying to be nice with my suggestion of using it on the wall as art. It seems that now just about anything will qualify as furniture in some people's mind. I just don't get it.

Re: Coffee table

There you have it. Some people will put anything in front of their sofa.

Re: Coffee table

Okay, I'm going to go out on a limb and expand my comment. You obviously saw the beauty in this piece of wood. But in my opinion, the same irregular shape that makes this piece beautiful makes it impractical for the purpose for which you chose to use it, and the legs are totally out of proportion to the rest of it. Where this piece would truly shine would be on the wall (obviously without the legs) as a piece of natural, abstract art. Can you see and at least somewhat agree with what I am saying?

Re: Coffee table

Of your creation and several of the ones just before you, putting something in the way of "legs"
on a board or chunk of wood and then applying a finish does not a piece of furniture make.

Re: Queen Anne desk-on-stand

I am just flabbergasted. There are three posts after your beautiful Queen Anne Desk which is obviously and truly a piece of fine furniture. Then comes the pieces following your contribution that are nothing more than pieces of wood with "legs" stuck on them that are trying to be passed off as furniture. I just don't get it. They don't live up to the title of the magazine which is FINE WOODWORKING. What is becoming of the art of building fine furniture. Is it like so much of everything else in our society that is going to hell in a handbag?

Re: Yeti Bench

All I can say on your past three post is .... Good Grief!!!

Re: Queen Anne desk-on-stand

Beautiful!! Truly an heirloom to be treasured.

Re: Free lathe

Lucky you! Nice friend! Congratulations. May you have many hours of pleasure at your new lathe.

Re: $4 Hall Table from cast off

I like your style (not meaning the style of the table, per se) but the idea of your making something nice from nothing. There are plenty of opportunities like this out there if people would just take the time to look and use their imagination just a little bit. Great job of recycling!!

Re: Tea Table Variation

Well, there have been some very busy woodworkers. This makes three submissions (this one and the two after it)that I am very impressed with. Beautiful work. I love seeing these things that people who take pride in there work make. I'm going to have to get off of my duff and get busy making some sawdust. Thanks, guys.

Re: Walnut Display/Coffee Table

And another fine submission. Love seeing work like this.

Re: Petite Cherry Table

Very elegant!!

Re: Fuchsia Box

Beautiful box.

Re: Two in One Table

Really nice!!

Re: Black walnut duck and pheasant display cases

Love it!!!!

Re: Appeals court upholds Osorio tablesaw verdict: Feds consider landmark safety standard

Leave it to the Federal Government to reward stupidity. Regulations and judgements like this are exactly what is wrong with this nation today .... it has regulated every industry to death. Pardon my French but the Federal Government in all branches can kiss my ass. They have destroyed the Constitution and they will eventually destroy this beautiful country it is supposed to protect.

Re: Candle Box

Very attractive piece. I'm not familiar with these woods but they are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Cufflink box

Oh, come on! This is getting rediculous. The box is truly beautiful but who has that many cuff links.

Re: jewlrey cabinet for a jewel of a person

Very nicely done. I'm still wondering who the women are that have enough jewelry to fill up a jewelry cabinet this large. I'm sure it will be treasured by the recipient for many years to come.

Re: Curly red, and white oak writing desk

Beautiful piece of furniture. The detail work really sets it apart. I'm sure this will be a treasured heirloom.

Re: coffee table

Beautiful application!!!

Re: Kayak seatrout

A most handsome kayak.

Re: Credenza (The Conversion)

And again, a very unique piece of workmanship. Excellent!

Re: Hall Table "Dark Transition"

Very nice! Very unique!

Re: Jewerly Amoire

I didn't realize anyone except someone like Paris Hilton had enough jewelry to fill a box like that. It would make a really nice chest to hold small hand tools like chisels and such. Very impressive.

Re: Kona Wind

I'm speechless. All I can say is "WOW!!".

Re: China Hutch

Very, very nice. Really!!

Re: Ham on Rye

Momma always said "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all". Well, ......

Re: Chinese low table

You just changed my mind about Chinese style furniture. This piece is beautiful. I'm jealous!!! I now know what I'm going to be trying next. Thanks for sharing your work with the rest of us.

Re: an expanding cherry dining table

Not only a great job but a really huge undertaking. Beautiful piece of furniture!!

Re: if you like geometry

I'm assuming that this is a sawhorse .... if so, it is far too handsome to actually use. Very exquisite. With all of the bracing it is probably so strong that you could park a bus on it. Love it!

Re: Cherry Armoire

absolutely beautiful!!


Now that is how it is done. Beautiful piece of classic furniture!

Re: Hand Carved Rocking Horse


Re: Buckeye Burl and Walnut Pedestal Table

Ummmmm! Not so much!

Re: "TEMPLE" dining table

Sorry, but that is just down right ugly!!! What ever made you think that this qualifies as Fine Woodworking?> Please, try again.

Re: red oak and walnut desk

Sorry, but I'm not impressed by the material combination. Oak and Walnut? Not a good choice, in my opinion.

Re: Oak Sideboard with Bloodwood Accents

Very nice

Re: "South Beach" art deco styled hall table and mirror

Art Deco could not be any more "not my thing" but I must admit that this submission is quite striking. I'm sure that all Art Deco fans will be most impressed. Obviously, we can't all like the same categories of anything. I give it a thumbs up for the design, thought, skill, and workmanship that obviously went into this project. Keep on keeping on.

Re: Bonnet Top Highboys

Excellent!! I appreciate tough projects that end in success!!

Re: Bomb'e chest

wowwee .... super nice. Love it! This is one beautiful piece of first class furniture.

Re: hall table

VERY NICE!!!! I like the materials and design and uniqueness of this piece. Thanks for sharing it with us. It's beautiful.

Re: Furniture recycling


Re: Some of my work done at North Bennet Street School

Ditto to what youngnick writes. Very classy pieces!!! I truly like and appreciate your skill. Isn't it the best feeling in the world to be able to produce beautiful pieces of furniture such as you have ... to be able to enjoy looking and touching the finished product .... to share with others and see their admiration for what you have produced?!!!!

Re: Vitrina


Re: "Music Box"

Sweet! An heirloom to be treasured for years.

Re: Footstool

Another excellent piece of furniture. Something to be treasured as an heirloom.

Re: SIdeboard

Excellent!! Couldn't ask for anything better. I love Federal Period furniture.

Re: Using Steel Accents on a Walnut Desk

I like. Very nice.

Re: trestle table


Re: Queen Anne Lowboy

Very lucky great niece. I'm sure she will treasure it. There is nothing more rewarding than building an heirloom like this knowing that it will be passed down from family member to family member long after you are gone. Excellent job!

Re: White Oak Blanket Chest

Very nice job, Roger. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Re: Jewelry/Keepsake Chest

I'm sure they will be treasured for years to come and will surely be passed down to grand children and beyond. Great job and most generous and special gifts.

Re: Could This Tool Change Everything?

I don't get it!!??

Re: log to table

Excellent. I love the progression photos of from log to table. And a handsome piece, it is!

Re: Hand Carved French Louis XV Dining Table

Awesome!!!! I'm envious of your talent.

Re: Heart of the Craft

Absolutely elegant!!!!!!!!!!

Re: "Sunlight on the Water Table," bubinga with glass bead inlay

I had to look twice and close but there it was .... nice inlay - love it! I'm sure the photo doesn't do it justice. Very unique and an excellent piece.

Re: coffee table

I like!!! Love the tails and the wood selections. Great piece.

Re: Consciousness

Give me a break!


Very nicely done!

Re: 1930's Style Desk Phone

Oh, dear God. Where does it end? Dog feeding stations, corner shelves, adirondack chairs, bird feeders .... Please, I know that you people are proud that you have built something but if it isn't something that you would be proud to leave your heirs then it probably isn't worth posting. If I posted all of the crap that I had built in the last seven years it would probably fill up the entire data base at FW. If the majority of followers are like me then they want to see FINE WOODWORKING!!! ... If you are not sure then ask yourself ... is this something that my survivors are going to fight over when I'm gone. FINE WORKING MAGAZINE ... am I wrong??????

Re: Infill Smoothing Plane

Beautiful. I hope you have someone special to pass it down to. You're right ... but, it should last several life times.

Re: Michael Pekovich's Shop (FWW art director)

Sweet!!! It must be nice to have such a woodworking palace. Looking back on my last three comments it's becomes painfully obvious that I am seriously jealous of people who have shops like this.

Re: Weezies Shop

The outside is beautiful! The inside is a freakin' mess. More order, more order!

Re: 2 story shop

Heck, I'd love to just have one story where I could put my machines in one place and leave them there. You lucky individual, you.

Re: Woodworking Shop in Nacogdoches, Texas

Thanks for sharing your shop. Being that I have to roll my machines out onto the driveway from my basement I am more than a little bit jealous. As an aside, my boss at Jefferson State Community College (I'm now retired) visited the Nacogdoches campus and all I heard for three weeks was Nacogdoches, Nacogdoches, Nacogdoches. I think that he just loved hearing himself say the name. But he was impressed, I'm sure.

Re: French Country Walnut Cabinet

ooooooooooooooo!! I like ..... I like, a lot!! This is an absolutely beautiful piece of fine furniture. Thanks for sharing. Encore!!

Re: Pecan Bookcase

Very beautiful piece of furniture. I've often wondered about pecan, how it would work and finish. I'd say that you have a classic heirloom. If you have kids, surely one of them will be looking forward to one day having it passed down to them. As for suggestions, you mentioned the time sanding the saw marks from the crown molding. I've made crown molding on the table saw on quite a few occasions, and yes, it can be a booger to clean up. I've found that using a rip blade as opposed to a combination blade helps and a curved card scraper can save you a good deal of sanding.

Re: Aladdin bed


Re: Buffet Esthetique

And another honest to goodness fine woodworker!!! Excellent, my man, excellent. I love these kinds of posts. This piece demonstrates serious woodworking at its best. Keep on keeping on. Thanks for a great post of a really fine piece of furniture.

Re: Shutter Panel carving

Really nice. I yearn to learn how to carve. Don't know that I would ever be good enough at it to incorporate it into my furniture. It certainly does add POP when done right.

Re: MDF Is ......

MDF - Pretty darn good for making jigs and patterns. I've never used it in furniture and probably never will. I'm more of a purest than that.

Re: Hanging Tool Cabinet

Excellent!!! So, what does your wife say about you putting it on the living room wall? It definitely qualifies as a fine piece of furniture.

Re: Patricks workshop


Re: Teardrop tailer project

I like it. Really nice project!

Re: Father Son Project

Father Son Projects are the second best kind. My favorite is Grandfather Grandson Projects! I'm sure he will treasure this tool box for years to come .... especially after he gets old enough to appreciate the real importance of the father/son relationship. You sound like a really good daddy.

Re: Wine Bar

Very, very nice. There's no telling what you would have to pay to buy an equivalent piece of furniture on the retail market and it,in all likelihood,would come nowhere near measuring up to the quality of your project. I have found myself wondering how sapele would work and stain and this piece answers my question. This is a really attractive piece of furniture. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Re: Upstairs Wine Cave?

Oh, My word!!!! This is really hard to conceive. Next time I get to Oregon to see my son I would love to experience this first hand. This is totally out of sight! And are by any chance related to John McEnroe, the tennis player?

Re: Margaret Rose end-grain cutting board

Wow, that had to be one heck of a challenge. Very creative.

Re: Greene & Greene Mahogany Desk

I'm no fan of Greene and Greene but I must admit that your desk is very nicely done. Obvious craftsmanship and attention to detail. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Wormy Chesnut Hutch

Most unusual. I like it, though. Really unique.

Re: Wildwood Dining Table

Truly a fine piece of furniture, one that would be a welcomed addition to any dining room. Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece of work in wood.

Re: Hepplewhite Mahogany Pembroke Table

And another honest to goodness piece of real, really fine furniture. This piece is going to be cherished by someone and whoever it gets passed down to for a long time. Heirloom, heirloom, heirloom. I love it.

Re: Shangrila Rocker

ooooooooo! I like. Excellent! Very nicely done. Can anyone say Heirloom?

Re: Dovetailed's Jewelry Box

Ditto what oh2dovetail wrote. Very nice. Someone is going to treasure that for a long time.

Re: dovetailed box

Practice does make perfect, doesn't it. Nice job. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Shaker Hall Table

Really nice tails.

Re: Dovetailed dish cabinet

My compliments on the dovetails on this and the dovetailed box.
I hope to one day be as accomplished at making hand cut dovetails. Practice, practice, practice.

Re: Walnut Table

Now this is furniture! This is the kind of contribution I like to see on this site. I realize that not everyone can be as accomplished at producing fine woodwork, but some of the postings are starting to become really juvenile. We all start our journey in woodworking at the beginner level but need to develop some skill before sharing our early milestones. You obviously have traveled quite a few miles in your woodworking journey. This is fantastic work and could well serve as an article in Fine Woodworking. Thank you, Frank, for sharing this heirloom quality piece of fine furniture.


Re: K Arm Chair

Never been into building chairs but I have to admit that your chairs are very much worthy of accolades. Very nicely done. Thank you for sharing with us.

Re: Bathroom Vanity from recycled oak flooring

Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Split Top Roubo Workbench

If I ever rebuild my top for my bench, this is what I hope to turns out to be. Very nice.

Re: Cherry Chest to hold wife's ever expanding polish pottery collection

I love working with cherry and the finished product. You do the species proud. Very nice piece. Thanks for sharing.

Re: grampa's tool box

BTW, the tool chest is classic .... very beautifully done.

Re: grampa's tool box

What a grand gesture from a grandson to his grandfather. He must be a very special person and, obviously, has a truly fine grandson. I hope he has many, many years of joy using this heart felt gift.

Re: Walnut & Mesquite Four-Poster

My, my, my!!!

Re: daughter's birthday gift

Charles, what an absolutely stunning birthday gift. I'm sure your daughter is very proud of it, as she well should be. There is nothing better than something that you made as a labor of love that will be there long after you are gone. Thanks for sharing.

Jerry Stone, Trussville, AL

Re: Chest of Drawers

Nicely done. Nothing more satisfying than a finished product that you built with your own two hands.

Re: "John Owen's Adventure"

The very best in wishes and prayers for your grandson !!!!!!!!!!!

Re: The Finished Pair of Half Round Tables

Excellent! Professional grade furniture.

Re: Cabinet in Oak, Walnut & Ebony.

hmmmmm ..... Nice clean lines. I like it. Great job.


Issue 63 or 64. Well, that explains why I can't find it. My collection doesn't go back that far. I can't imagine what I article I saw that made me think that I had seen the tool boxes that you've made. I appreciate your taking the time to answer me back. If you want to reach me in the future, my email is jstone000@centurytel.net. Thanks again.

Re: Figured Cherry & Walnut Sideboard

louielouie, oh baby, say we got to go now. Uh, sorry, the name just brought back memories of a long ago song. Nicely done piece of furniture. An heirloom, to be sure.


I remember seeing this particular tool box and you say it comes from WoodSmith. I have turned my stack of WoodSmith magazines inside out and can't find it. I didn't think that it had been that long ago since I had seen it. Could you give me an issue number so I can find the darned thing. It's driving me crazy (my wife says it's a short trip). Thanks. JStone


And exactly where is this dumpster located? Great boxes and great gift. Can a granddad leave any greater treasure to his grandson that something that he made especially for him? I think not. Thanks for sharing.

Re: curly cherry end table

Love the wood, hate the Greene and Greene. It's gotten where all you see in the wood magazines are Greene and Greene, Craftsman, Shaker, etc. Wood that beautiful deserves to be used for traditional or period furniture. Drives me crazy. But I do commend your workmanship. Different strokes, I guess.

Re: Cabinet, China Display

Very unusual and unique. I'll give it a thumbs up. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Cherry linen press/ Entertainment center

Love it. I'm a true fan of linen presses and also cherry. Very nice presentation. Congrats.

Re: ebony & bubinga bench

very nicely done.

Re: Classic Corner Chair

Absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing. It's really good to see a project worthy of posting. I'm getting tired of seeing bird houses and candle sticks.

Re: Walnut writing desk

Beautiful piece of furniture! Walnut is my second choice of wood to work with - cherry is my first. Mahogany is just a little too pricey for me. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

Re: Cherry Blanket chest

I'm another fan of Cherry. Excellent job. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Traditional Mahogany Cabinet

Exceptional! Truly a beautiful piece of furniture.

Re: Traditional Solid Mahogany Bookcase

Be glad that you didn't sell it. It will become an irreplaceable heirloom. This is a very handsome piece of furniture.

Re: Small Demilune Table

Ditto what OldShavings said. Very nice, indeed. Keep up the excellent work.

Re: Bubinga Writing Desk

Again, beautiful piece and workmanship. I envy your skill.

Re: Manuscript Cabinet

Beautiful piece of work. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Woodcarving flower Lilium

Excellent! Very impressive.

Re: Chippendale Side Chair

And another nicely done.

Re: Chippendale Side Chair

Very nicely done!

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

When woodworking tools get so expensive that you can no longer afford them you can thank the lawyers and juries that bring about these rediculous suit awards and legal mandates passed requiring all sort of bells and whistles be put on equipment to protect the stupid and careless. Another classic argument for tort reform.

Re: Carved and Gilded Coffee Table

Great piece, Alan. Really beautiful. Sure to be a family treasure!!

Re: Don's Delta Unisaw

May you have many hours of enjoyment and produce limitless numbers of beautiful projects with your new "toy". Best wishes.

Re: Walnut Jewelry Box, Carved Top

Absolutely exceptional!! I admire and envy your talent/skill.

Re: Cherry Tool Cabinet

Most impressive. I'm envious. I know you will keep up the good work. Kudos.

Re: How to Add Quarter Columns to Your Furniture

Excellent article. Fine Woodworking is without a doubt the best woodworking magazine on the market. I look forward to every new issue and read it over and over until the next issue arrives. Keep up the great work, guys.

Re: Maloof Rocking Chair Reproduction

Very nicely done!!

Re: Garden Inspired Sunroom Door with 2 sided carving

Great carving. Very artistic. Have you, or have you thought about, applying your talents to some federal style furniture?

Re: Building A Curly Maple Jewelry Cabinet

very,very nice. I like!

Re: Dining Room Table

And another WOW! My goodness, fellow. When do you find the time to do woodwork like this and paint? Just like the easel it is very professionally done. I love Federal style furniture and you certainly do it great justice. Thanks for sharing your work with us. If your art is anything like your woodwork artistry then you will certainly be leaving behind two great legacies on your departure this life. (footnote: I use to fish all the time, that was my hobby, pastime, etc. I started woodworking, desiring to build furniture nice enough to give to my loved ones ..... I woke up and decided that fishing stories aren't much in the way of something to leave as a legacy even though, at this point, I was a far better fisherman than I, unfortunately, will ever become given the limited amount of time I have left here on this earth.)

Re: Easel

Wow!! That is one serious easel! Besides being beautifully done, it is totally functional. You could never in a million years buy any easel as nice as this and you can smile and admire and appreciate its beauty and utilitarian elements and the fact that you built it every time you use it.

Re: Kotatsu

Excellent. I'm sure your daughter will cherish this forever. The fact that her daddy made it especially for her makes it all the more valuable and special. That's the great thing about the furniture that we make for our loved ones ... it will be here long after we are gone.

Re: homemade shooting plane and plane hammers

Excellent. Very nice work. I've got a collection of Bailey planes of various sizes .... and a Record jointer plane. I also have a jointer and a jack plane that I made. Guess which planes get the most use. I don't know if it is the Hock blades in the planes that I made or what, but the ones I made just do a much nicer job. I have seriously considered replacing the blades and chip breakers in the Baileys with Hock. Keep up the good work.

Re: site built stair railing and newels

Excellent. Sure it's fine woodworking .... much more than a lot of what I've seen here of late. Having built my own home I can appreciate doing work like this with all of the other subs crawling all over you. Don't belittle what you do. It's detailed work to be proud of.

Re: Hepplewhite Mahogany Sideboard

I really enjoy it when member's post actually are about woodworking. Your contribution is a delight. Beautiful. I appreciate federal furniture and the skill that goes into creating it. Thanks for sharing your work.

Re: Federal Sideboard

Absolutely beautiful!! Seems to me that you fall into the category of master furniture builder. I'm envious.

Re: Grandfarther Clock


Re: Some Hand Cut Tenons

But I will give you this, that is a very nicely done hand cut tenon. I'll give you an "A". This kind of post is much more to my liking. It actually involves woodworking.

Re: Gnashing Teeth

Hmmmmm ......and this had to do with woodworking, how? Your talents might be better directed (and appreciated) on a literary blog somewhere. As for the highly anticipated mail delivery, you must remember that the US Postal System is smack dab in the middle of this event before you go venting your anger and frustration at Taunton Press. If your life so desperately revolves around receiving mail orders then you really need to add some other outlets/hobbies to you daily itinerary. Does the "a watched pot never boils" apply here?

Re: Dumb Mistake

Ah, yes. The three major elements to fine woodworking ... not be learned from any book, tape, or magazine .....

attention to detail

everything else is just practice.

Re: Figured Cherry Electronics Cabinet

I like it! Very nicely and beautifully done. Nothing beats a piece of quality furniture to admire and take pride in while we're here on earth and to leave behind for future generation once we are gone.

Re: Mahogany Tool Chest

ooooooh! nice!!

Re: demilune table

Very, very nice!!

Re: Hand Carved Santa from Stick of Basswood

This will be a family heirloom for generations to come. Excellent job!

Re: Entry Hall Display Case

What a special Christmas present. Nothing that you could buy could ever surpass a present that is personally made. I'm sure she will treasure it always. Great job and yes, it is beautiful.

Re: Spice Box

A spice box is my next project - Not exactly like this one but close. I hope mine turns out as nicely as yours. Great job!!

Re: Queen Anne Spice Cabinet

Very impressive!! An heirloom to be sure. Mr. Gottshall has some pretty nice plans in his books. You did a great job of reproducing this one.

Re: Bedroom TV stand and matching bedside stands

Great job. I know you are very proud of your project(s).

Re: Kelly's Christmas Lowboy

Very nice!

Re: Maple and cherry smoother with brass and walnut plane hammer

Beautiful plane and obviously a very effective one. I, too, have made several planes (none really as handsome as yours). I have five commercial planes (Stanley and one Record) but I will reach for my self-made planes every time. I may have to buy some Hock blades for the commercial just to get them to match my handmade planes. Congratulations on a job well done. I know that your brother will cherish it.

Re: Coffee Table

Very well done. You should be very proud of your project.

Re: Bandsaw Jewelry Box

Very nice. Someone is going to get a very special present, I'm sure.

Re: Rocking Horse

I know of a really lucky grandchild. Good granddaddy!

Re: Bulldozer

Well done. I would say it is the best granddad made toy that I've ever seen.

Re: Sea Chest

After reading the article and seeing the photos of this beautiful piece of furniture in the latest Fine Working magazine, I can tell anyone not having seen this issue that the picture above does not do this masterpiece justice. Excellent, excellent work. Beautiful!

Re: Honduras mahogany and mother-of-pearl box

Now that is absolutely beautiful.You have be very proud of it.

Re: Cherry Captain's Chest


Re: Chest Table inspired by Greene & Greene

I'm not a real big fan of Greene & Greene but I have to admit that this is one very nice piece of furniture. Very well done!

Re: Pennsylvania Spice Box

Very nice job on the spice box!

Re: A Cherry Drop-front Desk

Jurgen, Thank you for your comment on my Sheraton desk. I was very flattered, especially since it came from someone so accomplished. I've been woodworking only four years in my spare time but do enjoy it. I use to fish three and four days a week for relaxation (I'm obviously retired - MIS director at a junior college) but have given that up completely for the woodwork. I am very impressed with your work and hope to one day be as accomplished as you (assuming I live long enough). Again, thank you for the encouraging remarks.


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