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Pull Leaf Table

I'vealways wanted to build one of these Pull Leaf Tables. Its modeled on my parents table but I changed a few things. This one is made from solid Ash and Cherry. I've yet to put the finish on and I...

Veneer Floor Lamp

Hi Folks, Made this from Ash veneer and super bright LEDS for the light source. Hope you like...

Solid Maple Table

Hi Folks, I thought I'd share this table with the readers. I made this for my son who started secondary school and needed a desk for his room. I used solid 2" maple to match the floor in the room...

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Re: Pull Leaf Table

Hi There Dave,
Its really quite easy. I can tell you and take a few more pictures if you like? There's just a few things you've to bear in mind to get it all sitting correctly. The first thing with the leaf and the 2 arms supporting it is to taper the the arms. The angle is not that critical but I did it by doing one out of mdf first as a template. I found this very handy. I have the end of my arms touching the back of the table when the leaf is in fully. How far the leaf rises at full extension is a function of the cut out on the front of the table. This only matters when the leaf is fully extended as it rests on this. So , it needs to be deep enough to take the depth of the arm as well as the depth of the table leaf which will be flush with the main table top.
Feel free to ask more questions. I can send on my information. If you need my email let me know.
Now I've to sand it a bit more!! Was going to sell this actually. Wonder what its worth?!!

Re: Bandsawn Fish Box

Very nice. How did you hollow the inside? Router?



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