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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit


Surely your joking about the Government being responsible to protect us from decisions like this. As you said,
"accidents happen". So why sue if it was just that, an accident?

I personnaly intend to purchase a Saw Stop in the future, but don't believe that everyone should have to because an accident may happen. I have had accidents involving my PM-66 tablesaw, but only when I made a mistake. I was too tired, or not paying attention, etc.

If you take a look at the auto industry's government mandated safety requirements, they lessen but DO NOT eliminate deaths or injuries. If I buy a bottom line car, I'm not going to be as safe as I would in a more expensive car with all the latest safety devices. Do you want the Gov't telling you what car you can or can't buy? If you were to run off the road and crash at night and bleed to death before being found, is it the car manufacturer's fault you chose not to buy a car with On Star?

The government needs to stay out of personal choices, and courts and judges need to stop these frivolous lawsuits which impede every day on our freedom and liberty. That includes the freedom to make decisions that sometimes hurt us, but we as a people need to learn to live with the consequences, and accept personal responsibility.

Bottom line is if every saw is required to have this device, and if this trend continues, then woodworking will be a hobby only for the rich and famous. No one else will be able to afford to do it as a hobby.

And by the way, the free market IS self regulating. Saw Stop has been on the market for several years now and their market share hasn't exploded and passed that of the other saw companies; those companies who take all reasonable steps to ensure a quality and safe saw.

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