Andrew Colley, Omaha, NE, US

Owner/ operator of Colley Furniture Studio. I will be a woodworker for life, retirement is not in my plans. Every piece of wood I encounter teaches me something new and this aspect of our craft is what consumes me. We work with the greatest medium any artist can. Wood is natural, versatile, and so very beautiful!

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Bold Nebraska Table

This table was made for an auction to benifit Bold Nebraska. They are trying to bring awareness in regards to an oil pipeline that is planned through our state and frighteningly close to the Ogallala...

Lake House Headboard

Saw an article asking if CNC had any place in fine furniture, thought I would share an old project. Constructed of Baltic birch plywood cut into 3" rips, glued back up moving edges to face. Headboard...

Colley Furniture Studio

A fun look at my shop through the eyes of a good friend. 

Eva's Loft Bed

Loft bed I built for my 6 year old daughter. Artwork done by Gerard Pefung. Constructed of MDF, poplar and masonite.

Eva's Cradle

Cradle I built for my youngest daughter. I was lucky to find these beautiful wide silver maple boards to construct body of cradle. Base is cherry and pivot points are ebony.

Hall Table

This table was inspired by two pieces of cherry that had a similar curve in sapwood. Although from the same board, they were about 6' apart from each other. Maple binding added nice definition to the...

Reed Bench

Built entirely from hard maple and walnut. Joinery is the key to  overall aesthetic as well as the strength of bench. The marraige of contemporary design and traditional woodworking techniques is...

White oak vessel

Made from a chunk of bfall-off from a dining table, this oak vessel's surfaces have been finished off using chisels. I am not much of a carver but do enjoy it when I get a chance.

Blue Chair

This chair started life as a mock up for a different design that features enameled wooden slats for the seat and back. I also had a bag of of factory second fishing stringers that a friend had given...

scale models

Over the years, and after many attempts to produce accurate drawings, either by computer or on drafting board I have become more dependant on scale models. One of the best reasons I have foundfor...

Reed Tansu

Commissioned in 2012 by client for private residence in Maryland. Although initial inspiration came from more traditional Tansu cabinets, some would say I have used the term incorrectly, I retained...

Recent comments

Re: UPDATE: Read a review of Wooden Boxes by the giveaway winner

Very cool to see Dennis apply the techniques he uses in his furniture to these boxes. Looks like a great book.

Re: Sycamore table

Beautiful species that I would argue is too often overlooked.

Re: my jobs

Nice work!

Re: Ribbon Box

Awesome job!

Re: Smothing wood


Re: Dogwood Marquetry Cabinet


Re: Steam-Bent Coffee Table

Great design!

Re: maple gavel w/ different theme


Re: Curly Cherry Desk

Wow! You certainly have utilized a lot of beautiful wood for this project. Great design

Re: Offcut Scandinavian Cabinet

A great way to utilize off fall at the same time creating a material with a unique qualities. Even constructing panels using only one species can give a piece a totally different look than using wide planks. The other factor I love is strength and stability.

Beautiful cabinet!

Re: Eva's Cradle

It ended up rocking better than I ever expected. I love it when a plan comes together!


The best ideas are simple ones. This is fantastic!

Re: Olive Silverware Chest

simply beautiful

Re: Cascade dining chairs

I have a friend who lived in France for a few years. While there, having had some experience in the states, he applied at a woodshop. The owner said to him "Oh, you are a woodworker? Can you chop down a tree and make something out of it?" I have always loved that story. Beautiful work Chester.

Re: Eva's Cradle

WOW, thank you both!

Re: Reed Bench

Thank you guys very much! Credit goes to the walnut tree.

Re: White oak vessel

Thanks Mike! I began life in Norfolk, CT, how's my home state?

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