Justin Steinbach, Victor, NY, US

I can't say for sure what started my interest in woodworking - I didn't get it from my Dad or other relatives. It sure helped when I won a shopping spree at Home Depot and was able to pick up some decent tools to get me started! I'm still in the process of getting my "shop" (aka garage) setup, but I already built a decent workbench to get things rolling. My first project I tackled just recently was the construction of my daughter's crib - what a way to get involved! I'm always looking to learn more about the craft and always reading Fine Woodworking!

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Sleigh Crib

This was my first dive into a major woodworking project.  After my wife and I found out that she was pregnant, I wanted to make a crib for my daughter and hopefully make it a family...

Recent comments

Re: UPDATE: Turning Wood with Richard Raffan, 3rd edition

That's one area of woodworking I haven't gotten into yet, but this would be a great resource to get me into it!

Re: UPDATE: Carving in the Round by Andrew Thomas and How to Carve Wood by Richard Butz

I know the perfect spot on my bookshelf for these books... Although they wouldn't stay there for long!!!

Re: UPDATE: 2011 Fine Woodworking Archive DVD-ROM (1975 - 2011)

Very cool! Maybe this would be just the thing needed to get me back in the woodshop. (it's hard to get the desire/time to get back at it with a 16 month old.)

Re: Shop Tours with Fine Woodworking Staffers

The video was great - gives me some ideas for improving my shop as well since it's still being worked on. John, any possibility of getting some pictures or additional writing on the landscaping/gardening in your yard on Fine Gardening? Ed's right, it does sound like a great setup overall!

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