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High chair revisited

Made this high chair for my daughter 32 years ago (others also sat in it). Here it is again for my granddaughter, refinished and with a new tray.

Cherry Changing Table

Here is my grandaughter's Shaker inspired changing table, solid cherry construction, 5 coat tung oil finish, hours of pleasure in the shop. (inspired by Michael Pekovich's Cherry Chest of Drawers FW...

Recent comments

Re: STL 71: Return of the Speed Tenon

Hi guys!

Very entertaining podcast, congrats! I know you are beholding to your advertisers, but really!, pocket hole joinery and Fine Woodworking should never be used in the same sentence, paragraph, page etc. There are so many proper easy ways to do a face frame joint: lap joint, dowels, biscuits, mortise and tenon, all of which are easy to do. I think this type of joinery might have a place in Fine Homebuilding at best.

On the subject of woodworkers doing carpentry, I sometimes do small renos or home improvement projects, my customers find my finicky attention to detail and precision annoying but they always delight in the results and compliments they get after. The bill, not so much!

Keep up the good work!

One of your Canadian listeners,


Re: STL 63: The Micro-Sized Workshop

I always complain about my 16x28 shop being too small, guess I have to stop complaining and get back to work, but who was your guest on the podcast and why wasn't he allowed a mike, it was impossible to hear what he was saying.

Re: UPDATE: 3 Book Giveaway! Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to...

Just made space on the shop bookshelf section, cleaned my reading glasses, I am ready!

Re: UPDATE: Why We Make Things and Why It Matters: The Education of a Craftsman by Peter Korn

After playing in my father's carpenter toolbox as a child and later watching a friend guitar maker for hours as a teen. I took a cabinet making course at a Montreal school in 1976 and soon after started reading Fine Woodworking (the black & white version). I had a partner years ago who I used to bore talking about why we make things and why we should have a reverence for the trees we are working with. I would love to read this book!

Re: My brand new 100 year old jointer

An awesome piece of machinery, brings back mixed memories for me. I apprenticed on one of these in my twenties...some 40 years ago now, it also took the tip of my index finger so watch out! I find that your switch is much too far away, one improvement modern machinery has made is the big paddle style switches usually placed near where the operator's hands are when working. Enjoy!

Re: Der Zinkenknecht, a Dovetail Jig

Awesome! I cut my dovetails with a dovetail saw, or Tage Frid bow saw, very sharp chisels and a mallet...where did I go wrong?

Re: Crafting a Hardwood Mustache

great work once again Nick! I am curious, however as what glue you use to keep the moustache on? Love your show!!!

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