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Oak Clocks

  One of 4 clocks made from oak planking from the gold rush era ship the Rome.  Sunk in 1852 it now resides under San Francisco's Embarcadero.  In 1994 an underground extension of the...

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Re: UPDATE: Read a review of Wooden Boxes by the giveaway winner

Add my name too! Always looking to up my skill level.

Re: Shop Talk Live 9: Four Finger Swipe

I agree with a previous poster. Bring back the videos. In this day and age many of us have the ability to view video on any number of platforms. Save audio only for listening to audiobooks and music!

Re: Fine Woodworking and the iPad

Mr. Pernik
Perhaps have you Or one of your readers might be willing to comment on why one should continue their paper subscription to FW when when one has access to all your great content and more via an iPad? Especially now when issues are available on line via my on line membership.. My long time subscription is up and I find myself facing this question and would appreciate your input.

Re: Fine Woodworking and the iPad

I too am having a great time exploring all the great content available on the iPad. Your efforts tom enhance the FW experience on the iPad is greatly appreciated. I've browsed recent copies of FW on my Mac and look forward to having the same access on my iPad. I've been a subscriber from nearly the beginning and am having a great time with your enhanced digital content offerings. Keep it coming!!

Re: Glory, thy name is Unifence

Brian B.
I've been using the Unifence for years and love it. It's remained accurate and sturdy and still slides smoothly across the saw. I added a dust collecting guard that is attached to the ceiling of the shop. It has the ability to fold up out of the way when needed. Built out of 2" steel tubing and some parts from a different guard I had that was not as useful as it could have been both as a guard and in its dust collecting ability. I'd be happy to share a photo or two.

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