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Snaker Style Chair - Temptation of Eve - Snakes on a Chair II

The Temptation of Eve is the second of my Snaker Style chairs. I've had the idea to build an Eve themed chair for about two years now. I searched the internet for various photos or paintings of Eve...

Snaker Style Walnut Decorative Hallway Chair

For some time now I have wanted to try and create a snake chair.  The chair is made from walnut. The 56 inch high back features a cobra up the middle, flanked by two rattle snakes. They form the...

Charles Rohlfs Coal Hod Inspired Coffee Table

This small coffee table is based on Charles Rohlfs 1900 Coal Hod (or coal storage box).  This is one of a number of Charles Rohlfs pieces that I have made. I modified it a bit to make it more...

Live Edge Spalted Maple and Walnut Box

This box is  made from a piece of spalted maple burl that I had in my shop for the last year or so and walnut scraps from my previous chair projects.   I resawed the maple into four pieces. The...

Charles Rohlfs Carved Walnut Tall Back Chair Reproduction

After I finished building the Maloof style rocker I moved on to next project on my list: reproducing Charles Rohlfs Tall Back Chair. Rohlfs Tall Back Chair is my absolute favorite chair.  I love the...

Charles Rohlfs 1898 Desk Chair Mahogany

  This is the second reproduction of Rohlfs iconic desk chair that I have attempted.  A few months ago on a trip to New York I had the opportunity to view the original Rohlfs chair at the...

Sam Maloof Inspired Walnut Sculptured Rocker

Completing a Maloof inspired rocking chair has been on my to-do list for about 18 months now and I purchased the walnut for it about a year ago. I'm giving this one to my son. I have built two other...

Tanzanian Throne Chair

This is my interpretation of a Tanzanian Throne Chair. It was built for a fund raising charity auction for the CPPS Precious Blood missionaries who do work in Tanzania building schools and water...

Charles Rohlfs 1898 Desk Chair Reproduction

  This is the second of three Charles Rohlfs chairs that I am trying to reproduce. I have made a number of chairs following this style of this chair, but decided to try to make a more faithful...

Charles Rohlfs Rocking Chair

One of my retirement objectives is to reproduce a number of Charles Rolhfs’ decorative chairs. This is my first, a reproduction of Rohlfs’ “1899 oak rocking chair”, a...

Walnut Box

This is the seond of three Christmas gift boxes made to hold two bottles of wine. It is made from nicely figured walnut constructed with box joints and wood hinges. It is finished with walnut oil...

Cherry Box with Maple Leaf Inlay

This is the first of three boxes made as Christmas presents. The box will hold two bottles of wine and measures 13.5" long by 8.5" high and 5.5 inches high. It is made from cherry with a little bit...

Maple Walnut Cherry Box

This is the final of three boxes that I have made a christmas gifts. The box is sized to hold two bottles of wine (outside dimensions are 14×9 x 6” high). It is made of maple, a walnut...

Portable Router Table

I have a small shop and do not have room for a permanent router table.  I have made a portable router table which I hang from the wall.  . It is based on designs I have seen from time to...

Woodbridge Basement Workshop

I built this basement workshop about 10 years ago and never got it completely finsihed. The cabinets still need to be painted and the drywall was never finished. The shop is 9 feet wide by 20 feet...

New Bench top for rolling shop cabinet

I have never had a proper solid work bench with solid vices. I have been using my B&D workmate for many years. My shop is very small and everything needs to be on wheels so that it can be rolled...

Rohlfs Inspired Desk Chair 3

Rohlfs inspired desk chair #3.   50 ½ inches high, 15 ½ inches wide and 16 inches deep.   I made this chair for my nephew who is has just moved into his first homenbsp...

Princess Beatrice Royal Wedding Fascinator Chair

When I first saw the hat that Princess Beatrice wore at the recent royal wedding I thought it would make an interesting chair back.  So I decided to have some fun and see how it would look as a...

Dream Rocker Reproduction

When I first saw the David Haig's beautiful  dream rocker on the back cover of FW215 I had to try and build one.  He is my first attempt.  Without any dimensions to go by I prepared...

Rohlfs Inspired Desk Chair 2

This chair is inspired by the sweeping slender back of a Charles Rohlfs chair.  The back and sides are bent laminations. It is made of maple boards (left over from a kitchen cabinet...

Hallway Chair

This chair is based on an antique chair in my mother's hallway that I have always liked.  Does anyone know what type or style of chair this is?  I have made 6 of these chairsnbsp...

Three Leg Chair

This chair was a bit of an experiment and an opportunity to practice bent laminations and making a carved seat.  It is made from re-used mahogany baseboard, door casing and door...

Rohlfs Inspired Desk Chair 1

This chair is based on a Charles Rohlfs desk chair design, much simplified.  The chair is made from re-used 3" mahogany baseboard and 2 "door casing, which was planed down to 1/4 thickness and...

Recent comments

Re: UPDATE: Why We Make Things and Why It Matters: The Education of a Craftsman by Peter Korn

I would enjoy reading this book.

Re: Ginkgo Chairs, Kotatsu Table, and Shodo Shelf

Those chairs are really cool!

Re: Reed Bench

Beautiful design. Simple, bold and visually appealing. You made great use of that nice piece of curved walnut.

Re: “Gothic Cat"

That is awesome.

Re: 1750's Style Block Front Document Cabinet

absolutely beautiful.

Re: Workbench and tool cabinet

great looking workbench. It looks too good to use!

Re: Charles Rohlfs 1898 Desk Chair Reproduction

Rmadja - the joints are made with screws and then plugged. Based on what I saw this is how the chir seems to be made. There is not a lot of wood in the various parts that make up the structure for mortise and tenon joints

On my chair the pieces are about 7/8 " square. When I saw the actual chair at the Met I was surprised that the thickness was actually a little less about 5/8". I've provide more information on t is chair and what I observed at the Met at the following link
http://www. lumberjocks.com/Woodbridge/blog/30903

Re: Nakashima-style dining table

Asa, great looking table. The way the top is joined to the table is a really neat idea. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Re: Charles Rohlfs 1898 Desk Chair Reproduction

Thanks for your comments. I recently visited New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and saw the chair first hand. I have provided some additional information about Rohlfs 1898 Desk Chair in a Lumber Jocks blog. (http://www.lumberjocks.com/Woodbridge/blog/30241)

Re: My modification of a Fine Woodworking Windsor Rocking Chair Plan called "Plans Change"

Looks like something you would see in a Tim Burton movie. Very cool!

Re: Workbench

That is an awesome workbench.

Re: Arts & Crafts Box

Nice box. I really like the design.

Re: Honduras Mahogany Bishops Throne

exquisite work.

Re: Cherry Table

That is a great looking table. the design is so unique and outstaning. The dovetail joint for the legs is an excellent detail.

Re: The Gaines Chair Project

That is a fabulous chair. I really like the centre splat and the carving at the top. Your workmanship is tremendous.

Re: Maloof rocker

Beautiful job on the rocker. It looks great. I will be attemptingmy own maloof rocker shortly. Thanks for sharing your work with us.

Re: Kitchen table and chairs

Very nice table and chairs. They look great.

Re: "the Fastback" chair

That is a fabulous chair and will provide me woth inspiration and ideas for my own chair projects. You can really see how this chair has evolved from your previous work. It really has a sense of fast movement and a futuristic feel. The angular design is outstanding and skilfully crafted. I also like the el torro on your website.

Re: Stanley plane cabinet

That is a great collection of planes and a nice case to house them in.

Re: Hickory Rocker

That is a very nice rocker. great work.

Re: UPDATE: Deadline extended again for tablesaw safety comments to the CPSC

I have worked in the safety business for 20 plus years and I am very invovled with the development of product standards.

There are continuous imrpovements to the standards for all of the products we use and in many cases these changes are put in place to deal with improper human behaviour.

Where there is a continuous pattern of unsafe human behaviour that cannot be changed through better education or awareness we seek technology solutions to elimante the hazard or mitigate the effects of the hazard.

30 or 40 years ago there were many electrocutions associated with the use of electrical appliances in barthrooms. When I was a kid it was drilled into me that electricty and water don't mix. People where electrocuted when hair dryers fell into the sink and they tried to get it out , or when taking a bath and plgging in a radio the radio fell into the bathtub.

All of these resulted from someone making a mistake due to carelessness or a momentary lapses of attention.

Then a device called a Ground Fault Circuit interupetr (GFCI)was invented and became mandated in new home construction through the National Electrical Code. I can assure yo at the time there was a great debate about the extra cost of these devices, how they don't always work perfectly in all circumstances, that they would only impact new homes and not extsing homes, nusciance tripping, etc, etc. At the time when first introduced these GFCIs were quite expensive, unlike today. Since them they have been mandatory in homes and the requirements to insatll GFCI's has been expanced to many other places inour homes. Not surprising over the years statistics have shown a huge reduction in these types of electrocution fatalties. Should we have continued to say well, that person did something dumb or they were careless, so they deserved to be injured or killed when a technology solution was available?

The requirement that is being considered is a performance requirement and does not nor would not point to a partuicular design or approach. The standard for table saws and most other products contains all types of performance requirements designed to improve safety.

While Saw Stop is one approach I have seen how the marketplace and manufacturers when motivated will come up with equally effective solutions.

My work is more invovled with electrical and fire safety and I have watched the discussion on this table saw topic with interest beacause it is analogous to another safety issue.
Although I live in Canada I will provide tehe US statitics.

Each year in the US there are an estimated 146000 fires resulting in 4690 cases of injury, 480 deaths, and almost 900 million inproperty damage associated with stove top fires. The primary cause is leaving a pot unattended on the stove. Cooking french fries ina pot of oil is a common example. In all case it was a human factor (leaving the pot unattended) that resulted in the fire or death. This is an issue that has been known for many years. There is technology available, while not perfect in every circumstance, would significantly reduce the number of injuries or fatalties.

I have been dealing with appliance industry about the need to improve the standards for stoves to deal with this matter. It is interesting that although the product is different they came up with the same 1001 reasons why the product (in this case stoves) could not be made safer. One reason was that stoves were manufacturered for a global market and they could not have one design for North America and another for the rest of the world. Turns out however that in Japan and other countries this new safety technology is already in use with positive reduction in stove top related fires. The US Navy (where they have a very strong fire safety culture) have implemented a differengt tehcmnology approach to deal woth the same stive top cooking fire issue in all navy owned housing.

After lietrally years of having these dicussions it was apparent that the agenda was focssued on delay and obfuscation, to continue endless discusion, suggest that more public awareness was needed, encourage more research, but in the end do nothing.

I have seen when the market place is motivated how creative and inventive they can be to address problems and come up with new products or solutions. Unfortunately when the marketplace fails to respond the courts or governments intervene, and these interventions are never as effective as could have been acheived if people simply put a higher priority on improving safety.

Re: Woodbridge Basement Workshop

Thanks. Of course my workshop is never that clean. Last week I spent a whole day cleaningit up and decided to take some pictures before doing anything else. Its now in a more normal state.

Re: A small box, my first woodwork

There have been so many very interesting posts of boxes lately, yours included. It's amazing and quite inspiring to see the "outside of the box" thinking and creativity people have in turning a box into something so very interesting and beautiful. great stuff! great start!

Re: "Firefly"

This box and the others you have posted are so beautiful and all very interesting and unique. The maple front on this box looks 3 dimensional. Great work!

Re: Oval Tambour Desk�

Great desk, very unique!

Re: Rohlfs Inspired Desk Chair 2

Thanks. I'll let you know how a different leg style looks when I build the next version. The first version was posted on January 22nd 2011. Any thoughts on which elements you like among the two versions would be appreciated.

Its hard to compete with the orginal which you can see on the Antiques Roadshow website. The original 1910 chair is valued at $80,000 - $120,000. Maybe one day....

Re: K Arm Chair

The bends are amazing and beautuful. As a novice to bending wood, I would be interested in understanding how you are able to bend in more than one plain and with such long continuous pieces.

Re: Three Leg Chair

Thanks. The joint at the top is a glued butt joint pinned with two through dowels cut flush and trimmed.

You're not the first one to comment of how the chair might be for somnething other than sitting, given the very sharp point. The very pointed back has more of church window look than I would have liked but I did struggle with coming up with a more creative solution for the back.

Also, based on other feedback from friedns and family, if I do another one I would make the stance of the front legs a bit wider, pay more attention to making the various angles the same and perhaps use a flat seat rather than a carved one.

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