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Re: Shop Talk Live 14: Who Needs Half-Blind Dovetails?

on top this page, right under the picture of a microphone is a little box. that says shop talk live, right under that box is the words,( stream the podcast) in red type. click on those words. I am using firefox browser. when I click on that link it will download the podcast. when the download is finished you have to click on the downloaded file , at that point using windows 7 it will open a box asking you what to use for viewing the file. first off you cant view it you can only listen to it. my pc gave me the option to use window media player, so I chose it to listen to the podcast. windows media player opened up and now I can listen to the podcast. however I will wait and stream it through my phone and listen to it while I drive. hope this helps every body that is having problems.

Re: Shop Talk Live 14: Who Needs Half-Blind Dovetails?

its not a video , its a podcast only sound.

Re: The Wood Shop

You have a very nice shop, However, as I also live in the Pacific NW (Port Orchard to be exact) I would highly advise you to get some insulation and sheet rock in that shop soon as possible, our damp weather will make all those nice tools get some surface rust on them quickly, especially in the winter months.Also If it is not heated, look into what they call a ductless heat pump. You can heat that shop for around 2 bucks a day and Puget sound Energy has $1200 rebates on them right now as of 6-3-12 . I just installed a 26000 btu unit in my home my self , cost me $1600 bucks after the rebate, and they do pay self installers. No duct work to run the whole system will heat your shop very inexpensively. Congratulations on your new shop, its very nice!

Re: Looks like a razor clam

funny stuff. so many have posted. want a response from the woodworking community? post a picture of yourself
with a razor clam!

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