White City, SK, CA

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Media Center

Center media stand is 46w x 28h x 24d. it is to be sided with 2 50h x 20w x 15d book cases.

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Re: Revised CutList Plugin Available

thank you so much Dave. I finally got it to work, I had to switch my hard drive view to columns view for it to paste. other wise it just pasted an empty file??? I hope I enjoy using it now that it took me so long to get it to work. even my wife that makes her living figuring out computer issues could not figure it out... so I don't feel too bad about it. anyway thanks again.

Re: Revised CutList Plugin Available

I can not for the life of me get cutlist to work. It downloads fine and then crashes when I fallow the promps to install it. Something like safari can not load page???? I'm not sure if its a Mac issue or what but I give up.

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