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Re: Dovetails Just Got a Little Easier

I did something similar recently for my moxon vise. I set the piece in the vise to a shade above the vise jaws and have a t-shaped assembly that matches that hight. Far happier with this then messing with a plane.

Re: Should Woodworkers Say Goodbye to Ebony?

Hear, hear!!

Re: Shop Talk Live 8: Just a Splash of Water

Yeah the video was key for me too...

Re: Shop Talk Live 4: Dueling Cabinets

Yeah I gotta say I know you guys are trying to freshen the proceedings on the FWW site and its working!

Re: iPad and Woodworking?

Lets just say I long for the day that FWW makes their ever increasing video library available on the ipad. I use it as my main mode of electronic media consumption and having the video workshops on here instead of seeing 'we're sorry.......' would be a boon.

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