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Professional woodworker since 1978

I love a challenge and rarely build the same thing twice.

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Re: What hand tools can't you live without?

I never go anywhere without my Leatherman. I have graduated to the big deluxe titanium model for everyday, but carry one of the smaller versions even in dress slacks. Keep it sharp and it is amazing what you can accomplish before you could even find a tool in the tool box!

Re: UPDATE: Rough Cut - Woodworking with Tommy Mac by Tommy MacDonald and Laurie Donnelly

Even after 35 years of woodworking I have learned a few things from watching Rough Cuts!

Re: Alder wood Kitchen shelf

A little bit softer than poplar. Stains very well. Red birch plywood works well with if if stained. I only use expensive Adler veneer ply on especially visible spots. Great mid toned wood for darker stain projects. If you stain light colored wood dark the background is always light, or all the grain is covered and you might as well have used paint!

Re: Bookcases; stackable or stand alone

That looks like the sort of project I would have made a pair for myself at the same time. Too many times our best efforts goes to clients and we don't have time to build such quality for our homes.
Bravo! Very nice design and execution.

Re: Trim Plywood Edging Flush, Simply and Safely

If you add a stack of feather-boards in front of that set up it keeps the plywood from tipping away from the fence. Any tipping out results in a divot in your banding. I use 3 feather boards and 3 spacers , a spacer on the bottom allows the banding to clear.

Re: Beech bowl

Well done piece. But the shape reminds me of my dogs bowl. Nice finish and very well sanded, but my mind still says " dog bowl "

Re: Nested Bowls

Is that aromatic cedar? Good idea, I have a entire log of bowl blanks setting on a shelf!

Re: Rosewood Cabinet

Nice work! I checked out your website as well. What price range do you get for your boxes? I do custom cabinets and furniture but rarely made speculative pieces for fear of not being able to sell them for enough to cover my time and materials.

Steve Duncan

Re: World Religious Symbols for our Church

I am sorry but CNC machine work using MDF is manufacturing not Fine Woodworking !

Re: Fixing my miscut, dovetailed rail

all craftsmen make mistakes. Master craftsmen know how to fix them! Good repair!

Re: entertainment center

I really hope there is another one on the other side of the fireplace! Nice work on the top.

Re: Bird's eye and cherry media cabinet

Nice layout! I like the way the doors clear the bookcases. The stick brings it up to the level of art.

Re: Nightstand wood palet

translated by google

This is my version of the Walnut bedside of the third session to start working with wood, are made with recycled wood pallets and a few modifications in the action in the original plans to meet the needs of my client, my wife.

Nice work from a pallet!

Re: Behold, the Speed Tenon

I have done a few cuts like this in the past. The idea of doing it in a small production run for the parts to a single piece of furniture seems plausible for an experienced confidant craftsman. I would use a heavy blade with a large stabilizer.
I would not recommend a tired or inexperienced woodworker even consider the attempt. Light passes and constant attention is required. If you have lots of tenons to cut, set up and do it in a more controlled manner. Even as a pro tip with tons of cautions it could still be tempting to an over confidant hobbyist.
In my shop techniques like this are labeled
" Watch this but don't try it! "

Re: Woodworking for bulldozer work: A good trade

Years ago I traded new counter tops for fill dirt and grading work with a neighbor. We both had equipment and skills that the other needed. Bill passed away several years ago and I think of him when I walk thru my backyard.

Re: Wall to Wall to Wall to Wall

Very nice work!

Re: Stair Pantry

I built something similar for a neighbor. I increased the depth of the shelves by cutting the drywall out and put shelves between the studs. 1/4 thick sliding doors in aluminum tracks keeps contents from falling on to the stairs.

Very nice appearance with the box joints!

Re: Lessons From A Delivery Guy: Planning

A desk had to go through a door on the side of a hall and turn 90 degrees to enter the room, but the dolly made it too tall. We put it on its end on a movers blanket then dragged it down the hall, twisted through the door and tipped it back on its feet. Blankets will slide on hardwood and carpeted floors.

Re: steam-punk clock

Great too see a wonderful result from collaboration!

Re: Bench Cookie Giveaway

I currently use shelf liner as mats, comes in a roll at Costco, works the same as the stuff I bought at a wood show. I would like to try the cookies!

Re: Broken power tool: Junk it or fix it?

I replace brushes and cords, but by the time a portable tool needs bearings replacement is usually the way to go. I keep buying the same cordless drills because the kit is cheaper than 2 batteries, so I have 6 drills and only 7 working batteries. Stationary shop machines are worth putting bearings or even a new motor in. When my 1/2 hp motor in my bandsaw burned up the replacement was out of stock, but a 1hp was available at the same price. Learning to repair and maintain your tools is essential to earn a living doing woodwork. Old appliance or computer cords often work well on my routers.

Re: Crazy Bookshelf

Definitely the most creative as well as attractive and functional bookcase. Hey EVAN007 just give them a few hints and construction details, let them figure out sizes and layout by themselves. Too many people just follow plans when they should learn how to lay out a project to fit the needs of the space it goes into. I would be quite interested in a few more details of the construction !

Very nice work.

Re: Phoenix Rising - Table

Nice to see underneath finished and smooth. I always do it and few people seem to appreciate it, or at least they never comment on it. I like the lines and details of the peice.

Interesting finish, inspires me to experiment with similar combinations.

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