sam schnaible, Aptos, CA, US

Gender: Male

Birthday: 11/26/1950

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Reclaimed Table

This was a commissioned piece for the Seascape Resort in Aptos Ca. The table top and legs are made from a tree that I milled 4 years ago. It was a 100 year old Elm tree that died standing in front of...

Broken #7

This is from my broken series. It is holly, wenge and maple.  It stands 19" tall is 4" at top and bottom, 12" at the middle.  Their are 1337 segments in this hollow vessel. 

Broken series

This is a type of segmented turning I came up with about three years ago. The woods used are Chinese Pistachio sap wood, Wenge, Ebony and Blood wood.     Each piece is cut, broken and glued into a...

turned wood

This is a piece I made from a Red Elm tree I milled 3 years ago. It is the scrap from a floor lamp I am making.

Recent comments

Re: Wood carving: rococo flower bouquet.

Very nice. How many hours do you have in that?

Re: Broken #7

Each piece is broken.

Re: turned wood

Hi sorry I did not see this earlier.
Yes it is the diamond turning, it was an article in an earlier publication.
I searched fine woodworking's site but could not fine the article.
But I goggled it and got this, http://www.westbaywoodturners.com/tutorial/Inside-Out%20Turning%20Instructions.pdf


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