Tony Jansma, Lethbridge, AB, CA

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, surrounded by giant Douglas Fir and Big Leaf Maple. Moved out to the prairies in Alberta and finally have a true appreciation for the trees out on the coast.

Gender: Male

Recent comments

Re: Garden Bench

Love it, beautiful! Would love to get the plans and dimensions from you. I've got some thick Douglas Fir slabs that I could make that bench out of. Our backyard firepit area needs something exactly like that. Cheers. TJ

Re: Melissa's Shelf

Aspen pine or aspen part of the poplar family? I have some aspen, poplar kind, from the Rocky Mountains, that I milled up for myself and it's dry enough to start using. Curious. Cheers. TJ

Re: Mine Hill Bar

Love it, looks great! One question . . . do you have to jump over the bar to get behind it to serve drinks?

Re: Arts and Craft Desk ( AKA the Bullet Desk )

Was the bullet already in the wood? I've milled logs on my mill and have found bullets buried deep inside where the tree has grown around it after years.

Re: Essential workbench

Very nice! I have the plans for the same bench but haven't made it yet, my wood is still sitting in log form. I have five 9 foot west coast, big leaf, maple logs behind my house waiting for the new chainsaw mill my friend and I just finished building. Is your wood big leaf maple? Interesting grain pattern. TJ

Re: Cherry TV Stand

Love it, I think it would be perfect for our house. Looked on your website and didn't see the sketchup file. Are you going to put it on there? Cheers.

Re: saturday morning shooting

I have so often pulled six foot, or longer, 2x4s out of construction site dumpsters and all they have are a couple of screws or nails in one end that someone was too lazy to pull out. The laziness and waste disgusts me and contributes to the picture that we see here.

Re: Reclaimed Barn-Wood Sofa Table

Fantastic! I've got a whole pile of 70 to 80 year old fir from an old barn on the prairies and I'm looking forward to making something such as this and many other different things. Looks great. TJ

Re: Black Walnut Coffee Table

Very cool, well done!!

Re: Salute to a Tree Lover

Great story, way to go Mr. Becksvoort.

Re: From tree to picture frame

What kind of wood?

Re: Why do you work wood?

I work with wood because I work with cars all day. Working with wood is so entirely different than what I do for a living. Because it's so different I get to enjoy a whole different aspect of working with my hands. Still with tools but so different. My day job doesn't create anything, I only repair. Working with wood allows me to create something from scratch and then I finally get to personally yell at the engineer who designed it if it doesn't work out well.

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