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Re: Make a rabbet with a handplane

By the way I sometimes have trouble with spelling.

Re: Make a rabbet with a handplane

Looks like a nice technique for short rabbits, but for long ones I'll set up the dado set. I haven't been able to affort a rabbiting plane as yet, my financial mamager (wife) got sticker shock. As to WileyR420's comment. I think he needs to review "your and you're" usage. Your is a possive and you're is a contraction of you are. Thanks for the the tips.

Re: Calling all benchtop warriors

I started out with a three wheel bench top bandsaw. I could never get it tuned well enough to keep the blade on the saw. I've got a Jet stationary now and love it. My bench top drill press is OK but the throat is some what small, if I had room I'd get a larger one. I started with an AMT benchtop saw. It is a whimpy 7 1/4". I built a rolling cabinet for it but it is a real bear to set up. Bought a house brand 10" saw at Menards a few years ago. It is noisy but cuts fairly well. The only down sides are the extremely small table,non-standard slideways, and inabilty to mount a zero clearance insert. I would like to have a cabinet or hybrid table saw but can't afford one or really have room in the garage.

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