Victoria Thompson, Cypress, TX, US

I am a semi-retired nurse attorney with a passion for wood working. I am at an intermediate skill level. I made my own shop cabinetry, nearly ten fine furniture pieces. I am a year and half into a complete remodel of my kitchen using curly maple.

Gender: Female

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My first woodworking project was to make a shop in the two car garage.

I had rudimentary tools and skills when I first made my shop but years later and most of the way through a major kitchen remodel it has served me well.  The pleasure is in the details to keep me...

Kitchen complete remodel - Pacific Big Leaf Maple (curly or quilted maple)

A year and half ago my best friend, Vickie Hilliard and I demolished my kitchen and have rebuilt it with this gorgeous solid curly maple over baltic birch cabinets.  It includes a break front look...

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Re: UPDDATE: Shop Improvements: Outstanding ideas from the world's finest woodworkers from Fine Woodworking magazine

I started out in woodworking by gutting my garage and building my own shop benches and cabinets. I love tips on making it more efficient. Here is one that I used: I like having my hand tools hanging on peg board but they get too dusty and covered with spider webs. I made vertical sliding boards (think of a sideways drawer) to put in one wall cabinet. The boards are framed peg board. I labeled the forward edge - now I can just pull out the slide and find what I need, neat and clean inside of the cabinet. I have slides for hammers, cutters, wrenches, pliers, phillips, flats, and specialty tools. Works great!

Re: You Want What? Contest

My daughter has her degree in forestry (great source for a woodworker). She is the Director of Education for a non-profit urban wildlife rehabilitation group. "Mom, I need a tree." "?" "It has to fit in a small car and have a wheel kids can spin to then answer a wildlife question and win a prize at fairs and shows. We'll use it to market our Ed. programs." Safety with children was a concern and it had to stand and be stable, but light enough for volunteers to carry. I made three cases that latch securely together - each light enough to carry and small enough when broken down to fit in small cars. It is a lovely five foot tall tree with a knot hole for animal photos to show up when the wheel is spun. A set of 5 two-sided wheels are easily interchangable and the cases carry supplies. Photos here:

Re: Does MDF Belong in Fine Furniture?

Houston equals humidity and risk of water incidents. I have seen mdf, even painted or treated, disintegrate, warp and swell out of shape too often. I think the use of mdf in fine furniture for veneers has to depend on the climate for the finished piece. I use it for fences or jigs occasionally.

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