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Re: UPDATE: A Lesson Plan for Wood Turning by James Rodgers

Just finished a couple other books on turning. Looks like a good volume to run through when it's time to actually power up the lathe.

Re: Help Complete the Vision of George Nakashima

I'm surprised at all of you, maybe the woodworking community doesn't know this yet but if you plan on contributing to an actually constructive conversation on the internet, "don't feed the trolls". I had to read all 29 comments in order to find out that rather than a healthy debate, this entire thread is 28 people (29 if I count myself) responding to one antagonistic comment, that is in truth only reacting to one small element of the article (it's raising money for a project that works with an institution that is named for someone that at least one user has a problem with).

Whether or not it is appropriate (I believe it is) for FWW to include amongst it's countless articles on the techniques, tools and practices necessary to produce wooden objects of beauty and utility a simple reminder that the craft that all of us have a passion for has the potential to impact others in a positive way, it is without question less appropriate to turn the comments section of this post into a forum on the merits of Desmond Tutu's politics.

If someone's being obnoxious on the internet, feel free to ignore them. Because here's the trap; If instead one finds oneself so antagonized by a deliberately antagonistic (or just ignorant, practically speaking it amounts to the same thing) comment that one is compelled to answer it in a logical rational way then the responder has elevated what started out as a crazy person on the internet saying crazy things (this happens all the time by the way) to a rational debate. By responding calmly, logically and rationally to a comment that uses inflammatory language to inflate a fundamentally weak argument about a minor point, one not only takes attention away from the actual substance of the post but at the same time implicitly (and presumably inadvertently) gives the original comment an appearance of substance. A rational response is implicitly stating that the argument requires a rational response.

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