I am a 56 year old male and have been woodworking for the last 33 years I am mostly self taught learning mostly from books and magazines.I was lucky to have a best friend who was an X submarine commader who had been woodworking sincechildhood and infact still has a number of gradpapys tools. Ilove designing and making furnature best of al although I am a compitent woodturner bordering on being a professional.Unfortunately I suffered a major stroke in 2004 which apart from nearly killing me left me with a much weakend Left side and some neurological deficet. Before thestroke I would say I was nearing exhibition standard.Now I live in Spain and cannot get any decent hard woods so Have to make most things in Pine unfortunately

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Re: Wedge is the secret to perfect angled mortise-and-tenon joints

Looks good would have liked to see the interiors loaded
Did you put straps on the rear so you could carry it like a haversack

Re: Marre Coffee Table

What a fabulous table I hope it gives the owner many year of service and pleasure

Re: A Chess Set For My Daughter

Sorry about my typing and spelling errors on my first comment but I did tell you I´d lost a considerable amount of my brain. A ruler next to the individual pieces would help get a better perspective on size. Sorry to be picky I still think its a great thing and wonderful craftsmanship. UK Meager

Re: Workbench - Monster, bombproof, not so (well kind of)

Not only is it fantastic the man has room for two benches thats down right greedy

Re: Workbench - Monster, bombproof, not so (well kind of)

Not only is it fantastic the man has room for two benches thats down right greedy

Re: Workbench - Monster, bombproof, not so (well kind of)

God I wish I had the room for such a superb bench I´ve just been asked to mak a tall case clock thi bench wouldhave been perfect

Re: Nakashima inspired free form coffee tables

Absolutely loveloy I think the late great Mr Nakashima would be heaping praise on you and would definately e smiling from on high.I could live with this for the rest of my life and never get fid up of looking at it. Yours UK MEAGER

Re: Chess Table, Chairs & Chess Pieces

wow what a fantastic piece of craftmaship.How long did the whole thing take I hope whoever it was made for fully appreciates each and every piece. ours green with envy UK MEAGER

Re: My modification of a Fine Woodworking Windsor Rocking Chair Plan called "Plans Change"

You are clearly talented but my first reaction was you have done this to show us how cleaver you are

Re: Workbench and tool cabinet

God help the first person to put a dink in the top of it is all I can say about this wonderful piece of craftmanship.I keep thinking about making one for myself maybe oneday!!

Re: A Chess Set For My Daughter

I´ll give you a game anytime what a lovely thing I wonder how many gereration this will be haded dod through and tales of exciting games that lasted beer after beer I hope after all your effort you can play well I used to untill a severe stroke took over a third of my brain.but I can still appreciate fantastic craftmanship when I see it and boy am I drooling over this piece wel done and check mate good buddy

Re: wall cabinet

As you can see by all the incredable positive comments this
simple piece is much loved by all. Sometimes you can make or just see a simple incredable pice and just think WOW!!!why didnt¨I make that Please publish the plans I would happily buy a set like yesterday.

Re: wall cabinet

Do you ever get answers to comment questions

Re: wall cabinet

Are the dimensions Wild Lucy quotes correct I could work out the rest from there. An answer would be much appreciated

Re: wall cabinet

I would love to biuld this cabinet for my bedroom |I a a disabled british woodworker who lives in Spain Please Please is there any plans for this lovely cabinet it would solely be for my use and under no circumstances be sold for profit please can you help with some dimentions.
yours hopefully ged meager

Re: Anniversary Clock

What a fabulous clock I wish I had the knowledge and skill to make one Fantastic job mate a big well done from a disabled Brit living in sunny spain

Re: David Haig: Bending Timber

when I saw this chair on my latest magazine My very first thoughts were WOW!!!!!!!Iv'e since watched your video and am sat in front of my machine here in Spain. Absolutely green with envy. After looking at your pictures I thought I detected a bit of Sams influence and I agree double you price I am a typical amature woodworker who makes and thinks Ahh knowbody will pay X for that!! but quality always wins out and even in todays financial climate for the right piece pockets can be deep.So what have you got to loose.If I may be very bold and suggest you look up the work of John Makepiece He creats some wonderful pieces often with many bends or curves in and much of the time using lamination techniques instead of steam bending Hope you don't think I'm to cheeky for this suggestion but I think your work is great

Re: Chest of Drawers

Wow what a fab piece welldone

Re: Live Edge Slab Table

I think the table is absolutely fabulous but I'm curious about the middle lumps on the top what funtion do they fulfill

Re: Seaton Chest

I wish I had the skill and atience to biuld such a manificent piece all I can say is a huge WOW!!!!!

Re: Lingerie Dresser

inovative well crafted designed and finished well done that

Re: Art&Craft Writing Dsk

A substantial looking well biult table in the arts and craft style well done you.

Re: Dining table with inlay

Simple precise very eligant Bet you wife was thrilled detailed plans and you finish would be appreciated by mant by the looks of your replies

Re: walnut jewelry box

What a great piece thankyou for sharing it with usWhere I come from the highest accolade an individual can recieve is from a panel of his peers and its cal the guild of master craftmen award your piece truly deserves such an award

Re: How to Make Leaded Glass Windows

I recently had a large morror cut with a 3 way curve in it the guy did it with a glass cutter and a pair of pliers it fitted into my frame perfectly

Re: Leaf Table

Very cleaver wellmade smart table would like to make on myself

Re: New Yankee Workshop Series Ends

For services to woodwork

Re: chimney cupboard

Nice piece well done GED MEAGER

Re: All Way Cabinet

Bloody brilliant looks absolutely perfect to me Hope you win any contest you enter with it and you must have a rea eye for spot on acuracy I think its fantastic

Re: Workshop Cabinet

i AGREE WITH pETERMANS COMMENTS looks great at the moment
Would like to see a Mark 2 with all your gear in

Re: Mini Armoire

Fabulous grain on the drawerswish there was a picture of the door when closed to see if the grain is equaly as good
Fine cabinet well done

Re: Toni Johnstone's Kitchen

wOW AT LEAST SOMEBODY IS LETTING TH WOOD DO THE TALKING What a lovely piece well made well balanced perfectly functionable Shows of the pottery to their best effects grewat piece I love it and could deffinately live with it

Re: chest on stand

Clearly not a student of the late great james Krenov There appears to be a great lack of harmony throughout the piece Although I'm sure its well constructed with faltless joints and well finished but would suggest the maker reads A CABINET MAKERS NOTEBOOK TO SEE SOME TRULY GREAT CABINETS ON STANDS

Re: New Yankee Workshop Series Ends

Norm always made me feel I CAN DO THAT!!!! I always thought Norm could do with some classes on woodturning But does it realy matter how you get there as long as you arrive with all 10 fingers AND2 MOST IMPORTANTLY TWO EYES. NO doubt the programmes will be repeated over and over Sorry to see you go Norn you were a great inspiration to us mear mortals an you will definately be missed by us all

Re: Prayer Feathers Platter

I think your work is wonderful just wish my bandsaw cut that acurately .Goodluck in the copetition your Ged Meager in Spain

Re: Cocobolo Jewelry Box

My sister in law wants me to make her a jewelry box if mine turns out half as good as your s she will be bloody lucky |||||||I think yours is fantastic and I hopew the new owner treasures it for many many years

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