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Re: UPDATE: Finishing Wood from Fine Woodworking

No matter how muich craftsmanship that goes into making a piece of furnitire or the quality of the materials used, the finsh will always be 'the icing on the cake'. Anything other and it's all in vain.

Re: UPDATE: Mortise and Tenon Joinery by Hendrik Varju

Having been recently retired and watching where my money goes, this would be a fantastic video to have and learn from.

Re: It's impossible to cheat at woodworking

Matt, I have been singing this song for a long time. If I would have devoted the time needed to obtain the same quality of workmanship using handtools, I would never have been able
to complete the numerous projects I jhave completed with mostly machine tools. There is much more that goes into making a piece of furniture: design, attentions to details, assembly and most important, finishing. It would only be a handtool purest who would look at at piece of furniture and say, 'That's not craftsmanship, those aren't handcut dovetails'.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Made By Hand by Tom Fidgen

If I am able to build a piece of furniture like the piece show on the blog using the information in this book, then this is one book I would definetly like to have.

Re: Sam Maloof: 1916-2009

What an inspiration Sam was to all in the arts, especially woodworking. Thank goodness his knowledge and skill of woodworking will remain with us in the form of his books, video's, and exhibits. Many of us can only hope we will be able to acheive a small part of his vast knowldge of woodworking.

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