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Re: Crafting a Hardwood Mustache

Hilarious piece of woodworking Nick! If the humidity is correct he want have any problems with split hair ends.

Re: Greatest community shop on the planet?

Good to know where to retire in say 25 years...sound like heaven on earth. Maybe I have to sell this in to my wife first...hmm...or NOT.

Re: Is Danish Modern the furniture style of our time?

Wegner,Malmsten, it really THAT interesting to find out what the new flavor is going to be?
Most woodworkers I know produce their pieces based on architecture, furniture, paintings and other input sources they found interesting with NO especial thought of time or period....where do you think thoose gentlemens got their ideas from? "Progress" and "IN-fashion" has always been nicking pieces from former artist AND been able to look forward...ergo...Horray for fallen masters!!...Horray for the magical women/men that will give us more to appreciate!

Furniture IS timeconsuming AND timeless.

Re: UPDATED: What Tools Are on Your Holiday Wish List?

A new bathrobe..thick and heavy! Please!
Wishing for tools in the X-mas box is no fun...I want to buy my own´re missing out of all that agony of resoning what/why/should I/do I need it/is it worth THAT money!!!

Re: About Your Safety: An Introduction


Did the "Safety-test" and was surprised when I lost a point to the question regarding "What to do when you get injured in the workshop"...OK..blood staines...what´s new...but when you are injured...SHOULD YOU EVER HAVE to think about staines??...NO...get your self together and fix yourself up...that number ONE...stained wood is on a place faaaaaar down on the list...

Re: Free Plan: Humidor

Nor can have to fix this link!

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