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Cherry Table w/ Bird's Eye Feet

Wife wanted a small occasional table that did not look "heavy".  Cherry table with bird's eye feet or socks as I call it.  I turned the legs so that you can see this is not a veneer but a...

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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Aaah, my friends you miss the gist of what is to be.

It is the RIGHT of every American to be free of suffering and misfortune. As I write surely there is legislation pending that provides to Mr. Osorio ,and all others who lack the resources to buy SawStop, a free federally approved SawStop 'like' saw.

This Save The Fingers bill will be funded by taxing the excess profits in the flesh cutting saw industry and thus provide the peace of mind we all are guaranteed.

We'll need to actually approve such legislation before we can know the actual law itself.

Re: Norm Abram at Old Sturbridge Village

His legacy is not the furniture he's made but the countless pieces we have made. We the once students of Norm.

My wife thanks you Norm.

Re: Flamenco stool

Very Nice. I scan the gallery every now and then and my eye always ends up at this stool. Love you wood choices and color. How tall?

Jim Reid

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