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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Many years ago My Grandfather taught me to PAY ATTENTION.

Back when the gene-pool weeded out the ones that are protected by our ultra - liberal juducail system.

Have a ligitimate reason to sue? (stand up for your rights?)
ONLY IF the Lawyer can make a killing.

this is what is ruining our great Country. This is why I can't afford a new saw. After reading what the Saw -Stop guy Wrote - even if I could Afford one I wouldn't buy one . I still have all my fingers - I PAY ATTENTION - READ THE MANUAL - AND I NEVER USE A GUARD ON MY TABLE SAW that was supplied by the manufacturer- I have a shop built guard with dust collection that can esily be removed and installed / adjusted .

No - one in this trade or hobby should be in this trade or hobby if they Require a piece of machinery that you expect to cut hard wood , plastic or even some metals , BUT NOT Be Able to Cut flesh and bone - This guy needs to take up bird watching , But he would probably stare at the sun , and sue his local Policeman for not telling him that it will blind him.

God bless the good-ol Days.

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