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Carpenter for 25 years.

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Re: Walnut table

Very nice piece. I recently passed off several boards that looked very close to what you used. You saw the beauty in there and I couldn't. Nice work.

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

When I was younger I too had an accident using my table saw. The guard was off and I was way too tired to be using any power tool. Long story short, my right thumb was saved thanks to a very good surgeon.

Years later I had the opportunity to use a Sawstop in a commercial cabinet shop. Nice saw. In does have draw backs. This saw has its place in every shop, but it cant completely replace the tried and true table saw.

To the man injured, sorry. Im glad you didnt get hurt worse than you did. The truth is though it was YOUR fault. Try to sue everything that ever hurt you because of inexperience. Bicycle, roller skates, skate board, the list is endless.

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