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Re: Aled Lewis: Woodworking Odyssey

Really enjoyed the video, like to see more. Really wish I could find a master craftsman locally where I live that is willing to take on an apprentace that is eager to learn like myself.

Re: SawStop inventor Steve Gass defends the latest tablesaw verdicts

Well my feelings have still not changed on this issue since the last time I commented. I like many others feel the Government has no place dictating what I can and cannot buy. Now it's a table saw; what's next? We are heading down a slippery slope here and best be very careful. This whole issue is getting out of control. Someone gets injured on the job because of there own stupidity and all of a sudden another small piece of our freedom is being chipped away.
As for Mr. Glass; "pa lease"! just stop it with the whole I need to save the world from itself and just admit you are someone who came up with a nice invention and has now found a way to force it down every ones throat.

Re: CPSC Drafting New Tablesaw Regulations

I totally agree with what KRENZR said about the "Stupids" our whole country is being taken over by them. How did these people get so much power. I have said this before how can a judge rule in favor of people like this. Most of these cases should have been thrown out of court because the Stupid involved never followed safty procedures even after they were shown the proper way to operate the saw. I realize accidents happen even when we do the right thing but they are what they are just accidents "Sh.." happens. We have become a country of Sue Happy Stupids its sad very sad. We have been letting the government mandate more and more what they feel is right for the whole. They need to stay out of this one. Someone else made a good comment and brought up a very key point "Insurance Companies" need I say more. They are salivating over this whole mess.
One last thing, someone else posted a comment about the rest of the industry being more interested in profit then saftey. This person is naive if he thinks Mr. Gass isn't interested in profit. He wants to make a big buck just like the rest of them

Re: More Details on the Carlos Osorio Tablesaw Lawsuit

I'm still speechless on this matter. I still can't believe this really happened. I mean how challanged was this guy and even worse where in the heck did they get that jury. I'll bet there wasn't one person on that jury that had any knowledge of woodworking machinery. Is there no common sense left in this world any more. The judge should have thrown it out of court, he also needs to be taken out back and smacked up against the head. Think I'll just go out to the shop, fire up the ole Delta Uni and see how rich I can become. Hey! What was that lawers number again 1-800-Acmelaw

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Wow! never knew it was that easy to become a judge. You don't even have to have common sense. Another great example of what has happened to this Country. You can get rewarded for being careless and unresponsible if you can afford an ambulance chaser to take your case. Most accidents in the shop occure because the individual had a laps of concentration on the task at hand or lacked proper skills to use the tool in the first place. It does not warrent a lawsuit. Sorry Mr Orsorio this should have been thrown out of court.

Re: New Yankee Workshop Series Ends

What! I had a "Man Crush" on Norm. Sorry to see him go I really enjoyed his show. All the best in your next venture Norm.

Re: Calling all benchtop warriors

I have an old Jet benchtop drill press, I think it was from a machine shop because its huge and very heavy. Also have a Jointer. The jointer is the worst of the two because of its short infeed and outfeed and I have problems with the cutter heads not cutting accuratly. I thought it was my technique but I had a friend watch me and he said everything looked fine to him I also verified that I was setting the height of my blads properly. very frustrating at times. As for the drill press its ok but would like to get a newer model someday.

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