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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I agree with most of your comments and have used and sold most of the available tablesaws out there today. Here's what I usually find is the bottom line. People don't buy the sawstop tablesaw unless they have already been hurt or you tell them to check with their insurance company in regards to how much they will save if they have a multi-person shop.
The weekend warrior or one time user will simply by the least expensive saw possible to get the job done. The sawstop technology is great but before everyone gets on the bandwagon, first decide if the customer is willing to pay the price. If this system was put on the jobsite saws we use today the first time it goes off you would have to throw the saw away. These saws just aren't built sturdy enough to take the punishment of this mechanism. got to youtube and watch the slow speed video of this!
One final thing That I've been told is that while Mr. Gass was shopping around his product, Delta almost purchased it but when Gass himself wouldn't commit to any of the liability of his invention, which is customary in such instances, Delta decided not to go through with the deal.

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