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Banding from tenon cutoffs

This is the ultimate use of scrap. I collect the cutoffs from doing the tenons and made banding from it. One day I was making tenons and notice all of the pieces and a light bulb went off. Why not...

Coffee Bean Spoon

I had this scrap given to me some forty years ago. For some reason I kept it, not knowing the grain that was in it. What a surprise when our old plastic coffee scoop broke and I decided to try making...

Recent comments

Re: UPDATE: Acts of Creation: America's Finest Hand Craftsmen at Work by Walt Harrington

I will definitely review it .

Re: UPDATE: Read a review of Wooden Boxes by the giveaway winner

I want this book!

Re: Shop Talk Live 5: Compounding Errors

What! Why would FWW allow this video? Don't they have anyone "vetting" out these things?

Seriously, you have a right to say your opinions, but in 58 minutes, when it could of been said in 5 minutes? I think your website has a lot of great information and feel like it was getting better all of the time. Draw me to your site/magazine with content, not with elitism.

Re: Tips on Dimensions

I guess you type in your dimensions. I usually do too. The 1/16 comes in handy when i am drawing a line to a dimension that I want to be in sixteenths. I think this is probably a hold over from other drawing programs I have used. I am lazy or frustrated by having to type in the dimensions all of the time. Mouse control isn't my strong suit. I do understand what you are saying and have found errors that way too, but if it is restricted to 1/16 wouldn't those errors be corrected?:)

Re: Tips on Dimensions

On a slightly different aspect. Is there a way to make SU default to 1/16 rather than 1/64. I change it every time I start a new drawing. Small problem but frustrating.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Acanthus Carving and Design by Bob Yorburg & Hans Sandom, Illustrator

I could actually use this on a project right now!

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Esherick, Maloof, Nakashima: Homes of the Master Wood Artisans by Tina Skinner

Sounds like an interesting book

Re: Video Tour: Garage Shop Makeover

Nice but where is your wood stored. My biggest problem is wood storage. I do a lot of small projects and have a hard time tossing even the smallest piece away.

Re: Cut List Plugin Installation

May I add that the Cutlist folder and file needs to be in the plugin folder, you will find it under the Goggle/Sketchup/ folders. At Least that is the way it is on mine.

Re: Updated: Build-Your-Own Power Tool Plans

I wrote a blog on making a foot powered scroll saw. If anyone is interested follow the link .


Re: The Scale Tool

Okay the key was "after the scale operation is complete". Once I did that it worked! Thank you!! That has been bugging me for a long time. I have read the help manual before and didn't pick up on the detail above. It is those little details that get you.

Re: The Scale Tool


I tried what you said. Drew a board 25" long, grabbed the handle, moved it in the direction I wanted and typed 20" in the box. The second I hit the shift to get to the quote sign the scale tool executes who knows what, not 20". Is it possible this only works on Sketchup Pro?

Re: The Scale Tool

Tim, could you elaborate on your method?

Why does sketchup need to use ratios in scaling? I usually will use the Dimension tool to show the measurement of the line that I am interested in changing. Then using the scale tool I can see the measurement change on the line as I move the scale tool. The problem is that the mouse is hard to control the amount of movement. This is where a nudge tool would be handy or better yet allow a measurement in the scale tool rather than ratios only.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Wood Finishing Fixes by Michael Dresdner

I am a fan of Dresdner.

Re: Tips on Zooming

Does it matter how far you are away from the 00 axis? I created a sketchup file where I drew 10 tables of different designs along the X axis. I am going through how I want to design the table. When I am working on table ten it is much harder for me to keep the table in view.

I created scenes to quickly get back to the table but is there a better way to do this?

Can you move the main axis?
Is it better to create separate files?

Re: Scraptacular Contest Winners Announced

I am curious as to how the voting went. Any chance you will post the vote totals?

Re: UPDATE: DVD Giveaway: Wood Science & Design by Hendrik Varju

Wow, this would be great to win!

Re: Are You Taking Advantage of the Arrow Keys?

Is there any way to move slowly to a point? Let say you want to draw a line 20" and you don't want to type in the 20 in the lower right box. The mouse seems to have a mind of it's own and will go on either side of 20 but not to 20. I know this is a stupid example, but you get the idea? I have used other programs that use the arrow keys to do this.

Thanks for tips above, that will come in handy.

Re: Basket Weave Bench

Great job! can you give us close up of the weave and inlay?

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