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Re: A Nutty Alternative to SawStop Technology

Isn't that a lugnut taped on his index finger? Crazy!

Re: UPDATE: Hand Planing Techniques by Hendrik Varju

Me too!

Re: Complete IWF Woodworking Show Coverage

I was there looking for an 8" jointer. The only ones I found were from General, and I almost bought one except I've never heard of them as a major player, is big in Canada. Jet had I think 4 pieces of equipment TOTAL, Powermatic seemed to be focused on their new lathe. Delta missed the show, didn't see Rikon or Laguna either. Nothing else except some small players like Steel City, etc. Of course no Grizzly. General was impressive though, they were stacked to the gills with equipment, gotta appreciate that. Very good quality but not inexpensive though, their retail is way above Powermatic and Laguna, at least for jointers. Guess it's the Canadian dollar?? Will probably go Grizzly as it seems a jointer is a jointer, not much innovation there that I can see.

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