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Re: Fine Curved Front Drawers Without Dovetails

Since woodworking is a medium of self expression, go with what you like including construction details. It would be hard to find fault with Mr. Mosheim's piece or skills. Dovetails were used originally for utilitarian pieces that recieved a lot of heavy use as the dovetail joint was the strongest method for both case and drawer construction. Each craftsman could tailor the look of the dovetail to add his signature to the product while producing a quality joint. They became the standard of quality over the years. I usually use dovetails with any large drawer. I also use box joints, mostly for looks and on small decorative light duty drawers I will use a corner or miter lock joint. I think it is great to see other examples of nice jointery used for a change. What I frown on is the use pocket screws which seem to really be popular. No skill or craftmanship there.

Re: Is it OK to sell furniture based on FWW articles?

When I build a project I usually find I have pictures of several pieces each with elements of design I try to incorporate. Nothing I made ever came up looking exactly like the inspiration. To the point, since the plans are put in a magazine that you buy, I think you can build them dimention for dimention if you want and if possible , profit from your effots. What is wrong is when pieces are made to fool and passed off as originals or valuable antiques. Does your town have a furniture police?

Re: Video Gallery: Drawers that Breathe

Are you kidding? There are real craftsman that need their products showcased way before this thing.

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