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Re: VIDEO REPLAY: Tenon Shootout: Hand vs. Power Tools

Nice job on the shootout. Keep trying to find someone doing the hand tools portion that knows how to work efficently. If you need inspiration simply watch Frank Klauszs' videos.

Keep up the good work and send me my prize!

Re: Are CNC machines ready for Fine Woodworking?

I think the technology for CNC is amazing. I always have. Yup, our ancestors would have used them, but should we?

I can think of MANY applications that CNC machines are useful for, but here is the rub: On most of the examples I looked at on YouTube, the CNC machine is cutting out a part from a block of wood -- NOT very "Green". What do you do with the huge part left over from the CNC 'cutout'? Is this just "waste"? How economical are CNC's in terms of, not just my time, but wood-as-a-resource?

A CNC machine is not going to help me make bent-wood laminations, or help to put fancy veneer over a base, but it sure would come in handy to make a wooden gear! Now, if it could make all those finishing coats of spar varnish ... and sand in between coats ... sure adds noise and mess to the shop too. Is that Fine WWing -- to cut some fancy shape from a sheet of plywood? (I know, I'm being negative -- just trying to make everyone think a bit.)

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Craftsman Furniture Projects from the editors of Woodworker's Journal

I would like to win the book too. It looks like a good one.


Re: - A Dedicated Sharpening Bench - part 5 - Shaping the Feet and Finishing the Frame

I just saw this series for the first time today. Did I miss something? Like, what does this thing look like and function like when completed?

Lots of detail photos, but don't forget the overview!!!! No one else knows where you are going with this project.

Re: Poll: What Should We Put in the Magazine?

I would like to see a wider variety of things. If I look at my bookshelf, then at your magazine I think I might see a difference -- your magazine has more simple things at times. If want innovative, cutting-edge projects, I tend to see them more in some other publications. While FWW is great, I want more innovation in the projects -- not just pretty pictures of things someone made. My vote was for the Windsor Chair. But see, you didn't ask for new thoughts, you asked for votes of selected items.

Re: Hand v. Power Tool Showdown: Watch it Live Online Nov. 12

I hope it's a better show than the one you did some time ago about hand-cut vs machine-cut dovetails! The guy you had doing the hand-cut dovetails was not very proficient -- you could have asked Frank Klausz to that part -- now THAT would have been a show to see!

Maybe you can provide the showgivers' qualifications specific to the task at hand before I can get too interested.

Re: Who Begot Who? Comparing Planes from Lie-Nielsen, Wood River and Stanley

I was thinking that a real comparison of the three would involve more than mere Physical measurements!

A few choices might be:
1) Flatness of plane body: bottom and sides
2) type of steel (hardness, etc) used for blade
3) Performance in actual use.

I do not know if this article is an abbreviation or whetting an appetite for more to come, but what is here is simply not enough. A real side-by-side would include other manufaturers too -- like Veritas.

I, too, prefer to stay away from Chinese manufacturing.


Re: FreeScale 2.0a Beta

I am VERY new to SketchUp. A comment to Dave Richards:

Dave, please watch the audio volume level on the above video clip! The level on my computer was very distorted and the volume varied in level a lot.

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