Bekasi, ID

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Grandfather's Project : Ramayana Carve from Indonesia

This is my grandfather's wood carving, an Indonesian woodworker live in Jepara and dead years ago. He left his family many woodcarvings, and this is one of them, the best knwon as Ramayana...

Purse Hanger

This is the latest project I had. To see the complete description please check : woodsofarcady.blogspot.com

Woods of Arcady

This is my workshop and the beginning of my "Woodworking Journey". It started from 2nd floor balcony and I don't know where it will end.

Action Figure Cabinet

  It's a custom furniture ordered by our client, Mr. Yono and family. It is special made for his son who loves to collect action figures. When we thought about "action figure" we thought about...

Recent comments

Re: A Highland Hideaway

my dream workshop

Re: Craftsman coffee table

cool! this is so simple

Re: Old garage transformation

Reaally good! I wonder when will I have my own garage studio

Re: Woods of Arcady

Hi! Thanks for the comment!
Its really exciting to hear a success story from someone that through the beginning harder than me. Its such a motivation, thanks! (I'll visit your profile).
For now, I still don't have a problem with rust because all the tools I have are made from wood. My brother also live on Texas :)

Re: end table

Woaa i love that curve!

Re: Board Jack

cool! thats very creative!

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