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Wedding box with marquetry

Wedding gift to a friend. marterial: hard maple, bird-eye maple, inlay bandings, veneers. Size: 11.5"x9"x4". Marquetry: Red Rose and White Lily

mail box with marquetry

mahogany mailbox with marquetry

The Singing Butler, marquetry

This is the marquetry version of Jack Vettriano's famous painting "the singing butler". Size: 9x11" for the marquetry, 16x19" for the frame. material: more than a dozen types of wood veneers. Finish...

Virgin of the Rocks, Leonardo Da Vinci

Virgin of the Rocks is a masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci. There are two versions of this picture, I made this marquetry work as the London version. Size: 6.5x9", finish: french Polish.

Girl With a Pearl Earring

"Girl with a Pearl Earring" is Johannes Vermeer's masterpiece. It was painted in 1665. I made this marquetry with more than a dozen different species of wood veneers, including some dyed veneers. It...

birdeye maple and sycamore jewelry box

I made this jewelry box from birdeye maple and used sycamore as the lid with a cocobolo handle. The design of the marquetry is inspired by traditional Chinese paintings of bird and flowers. I used...

Coaster set

These are coasters and their boxes both decorated with marquetry. The coasters are made from lacewood, sycamore or red oak, at the size of 4"x4". The bottom of the coasters are covered by felt. The...

jewellery box

This curly maple jewellery box is a gift to my wife. Size: 8"x6"x2.5". The marquetry on the lid comes from Varley's painting Stormy Weather. There are two levels of trays inside, made from sycamore...

Small Pencil Box with Marquetry

Small pencil box for my duaghter: The box is made from walnut, pine and bloodwood. Size: 9"x3'x3". The box can be opened from the side to reveal the hidden drawer as an extra space for the pens. It...

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Re: Dogwood Marquetry Cabinet

very beautiful!

Re: Gerspach Lounge Rocker

great work! love the design and details.

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