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My 20x20 Garage Shop

Most of my tools are displayed. I have a Ridgid Edge/Spindle sander beside the miter saw. There should be a plywood storage somewhere, I haven't decided on the location yet. This will be how my shop...

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Re: $12 "Bench Cookies" are biggest news at AWFS

I use hockey pucks with adhesive backed rubber grip pads.
You can get them at Lee Valley. They are nice and heavy so they don't move around at all unless your workbench is highly polished(That means you aren't using it enough.)

Re: Workshop that used to be a garage

Once upon a time my garage looked like a garage...
Like you, I have a garage shop and it really doesn't look like an average run of the mill garage.

I hope your shop serves you well,

Re: Dave's Workshop

Very nice shop. I aspire to one day have a large shop.

I have the same planer and air cleaner as you.

Re: Train / Boat Whistles

Very cool.
Was the plan free or is it something you payed for?
I know a few train enthusiasts(Including myself) that would like one.

Re: New addition to my tool collection

I purchased a Delta X5 6" Jointer and 15" Planer for 700 dollars a while ago. The problem was, they were stored for about six years in a carport like-structure. The planer was exposed to any rain with wind-speed. Just now I'm finally getting them in new condition.
I completely re-built the jointer and painted it. That was fun. I'd do the same to the planer but it weighs about 450 pounds.

I also have a 14" Trojan Bandsaw. Made in Taiwan in the 70's. It's a solid bandsaw; just needs new tires and a riser kit.

That's what I have as far as big tools albeit table saw and air cleaner.

Re: Sharpen Jointer and Planer Knives

Forgot to mention this in my post:
Lee Valley carries a similar jig for Jointer knives only.
The one you made seems to be better as it rests on a bearing rather than a rounded bolt.

Re: Sharpen Jointer and Planer Knives

Thanks for posting this!
I'm definately going to make this. Great video by the way.


Re: The Story Behind the Government's Pending Tablesaw Ruling

The Osorio lawsuit is complete bullshit. The guy didn't bother to learn how to properly use the tool. It's his fault his left hand got mangled. It is also the employers fault as he has to provide proper training.
Had this lawsuit been in Canada, the employer would've had to pay.

On the topic of flesh-sensing technology being mandatory, I think it will completely ruin the tool industry. The technology is unnecesary, pay attention and you wont get hurt. Also make sure the saw is set up properly. I'm assuming at least half the people with a table saw are not using it correctly.

Re: Shopmade 12" Disk Sander

Very cool idea, but I'm wondering about the accuracy. They don't make them out of cast iron for looks. I may be paranoid though.

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