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Tall Shoji Cabinet

Many influences surface in my work. Perhaps none is more clear than that of John Fox, a furniture maker in Acton, Massachusetts. I have been particularly attracted to his cabinets that have strong...

Live-edge Redwood Coffee Table

The work of George Nakashima is a wonderful inspiration for me. He is well known for his work with live-edge material. This table is both a tribute to Nakashima, and to the redwood tree which grew...

Mahoganny and Maple Hall Table

My designs tend to be simple, allowing the beauty of the wood itself to take center stage. The top for this small side table is  highly figured maple. The tapered trestle sides have ebony...

Recent comments

Re: John Reed Fox: The Uncompromising Craftsman

I had the good fortune of taking a 2 week class from John (co-taught by Michael Puryear) many years ago. I first saw his work at the Philly Furniture Show in the late 1990's. His designs are beautiful in their simplicity and flawless in execution. His work has had a major influence on me and I feel fortunate to have had an opportunity to learn from him.

Re: Live-edge Redwood Coffee Table

The finish is simply a mixture of Waterlox varnish, pure China Tung oil, and turpentine (eyeballed equal thirds). The top probably has 5 or 6 coats. The cherry base has 3 coats.

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