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Re: Get your internet hands on an old woodworking magazine

the main link is now not working so please just go to the home page and then click on the deltagram archive

Re: California Considers Tougher Safety Standards for Tablesaws

I after days of deliberation got a new saw stop 3hp saw with the 52 inch fence the fit and finish are well above the jet saw I am semi retiring it will remain in the shop and has too because it was a gift from my mom when i was down on my luck she gave me the saw I have used it for 14 years it is a good saw but it is not a safe saw by saw stop standards the new saw sports a great guard and dust collection system I love to tell you more about how nice the saw runs but that will have to wait for another week or so as the saw is with out 230 service till the electrician shows up and hooks up the line to the saw and the new compressor.I chose this saw to test for an article on the website I WORK FOR BECAUSE i have recently been injured very badly about two years now on serious pain meds and i wont quit my love of woodworking so the saw stop waet a choice I could live with to reduce the chance of a injury after fourty years in a powertool shopn I felt i was playing russian roulette and chose to get this saw. I will take the time to write a proper review in the next couple of months pardon the bad typing and punctuation i am typing in the dark=. nand i cant see well in the dark and was just rambling any way. I spoke with lots of people at saw stop they are a great bunch of guys and the saw is a nice tool if it runs as well as it goes togeather it will be a top seller whither it has a safety devise or not it was less than the powermatic and it isw at least as nice.

Re: UPDATE: Routers & Router Tables from the editors of Fine Woodworking

I would love to add this book to my library on woodworking and tools the library has about 500 books some duplicates but I DONT HAVE THIS ONE AND WOULD LOVE TO BUY A FULL SET

Re: Ideas for Woodworking's Own Reality TV

How many of you have watched Stumpy nubs now his show is reality tv on the net. he makes jigs and tools and projects all on a budget that would not pay for the camera. the show has promise if you ask me . it is full of humor and some is off color but it is all pg13 and safe for the kids. Stumpy is a good guy you can find him on lumberjocks and look for his name he will have a load of selfless promotion on the site including links to his page where you can find his show. add a camera man and a director and this could be a big hit dont tell him i am promoting him he wont believe you any way.

Re: Sam Maloof: Reflections on a Master Maker

Sam was much more than you will ever be a master of the craft the man was a great designer and a wood artist. I cant believe what you said you are now an insignificant Pyle of dung birth of time I cant believe a looser like you can trash a giant of a man like SAM

Re: Veritas Introduces New Tool Steel for Plane Blades and Chisels

I have been hearing these would be on the market already. I don't think that this will be a surprise to the high end blade manufactures Like IBC and Hock. I have had good luck with the IBC blades myself and I would think that IBC has looked into new steel compounds as well. I have a feeling that it Veritas moves any slower the Chinese will beat them to the punch. not to mention what Lie Nelson has in the works.

Re: Perfect Bevels on a Bench Grinder

Point taken Saschafer. I still feel the writer is misleading new people. They will think they can get a sharp ready to use edge on a bench grinder. Hell I own two bench grinders one fast and one slow. I have used them in the shop for over 35 years and I only shape tools on the grinder. I never would think of a grinder as a finishing tool. I have a full set of Shapton Stones and a Trend Diamond stone to do hand work and even with the new Tormek jig for the Bench Grinder it is still not a finishing tool you will never get sharp off a bench grinder ever. and David Weaver your an arrogant ass there is no way you could come close with a bench grinder and you old oil stones to the edge i get on any tool with a Tormek T7. I am sorry your too poor to own a Tormek maybe one day you will find one on Craig's List for a good price. Then you could step up to a real fine edge With us more fortunate folk. The fact is I can do more faster on my Tormek than you ever could dream of doing with a bench grinder you got at Harbor freight for 39 bucks.Get a Life

Re: Fine Woodworking On the Road: Come out and see us

Yes I must agree it is bad enough we have to pay two to 5 times as much for the wood we buy but we should at least be able to have you guys show up on a couple of west coast locations.

Re: Get your internet hands on an old woodworking magazine

Well my friends I want you to know the 15th was a couple of days ago and we put up 2 more deltagrams. Don't miss out this issue we just put up was by request.if there is one you want please let me know

Re: Antiquarian Woodworkers: Get Ready To Download

I think this is great and this is the same reason we along with delta just began releasing the Deltagram collection I dont want to get in trouble for posting a link to these historic documents but maybe the magazine will see this and post a link as delta and my company are re releasing the deltagrams in a pdf two issues a month and now I will be getting the hard to find work magazine this is a great age we live in where history can be shared for all to see. if you want to find the deltagrams just do a google search you will find them

Re: Sam Maloof: 1916-2009

everyone loves Sam's work but for me it took a long time. I always favor strict 18th century works and felt they were the true masters and I held this belief for many years. Then i actually got to see a piece of Sam's work in person and it all changed for me. I was able to see it for a beauty that no picture could show Sam Was every bit a Master and a very kind and gentle man as well. I only wish I could have worked in his shop. I strive every day i work the wood to be true to the Masters. I think every serious woodworker does.

Re: Get your internet hands on an old woodworking magazine

Harveyhelm I am willing to buy your collection for a fair price and these may get used to complete the collection we will be posting for the whole world to see please call me 559-790-6295

Re: Get your internet hands on an old woodworking magazine

thanks for getting the word out. our small staff has been working on this for a few months. We have collected the issues since i got my first group of the delta grams out of my Grandfathers workshop.

We have scoured the internet for the past five years in an attempt to have every issue. We are still lacking a few of the issues but have enough to put them up for the next couple of years for sure. The toughest part is finding the ones from the early thirty's in tact many of these issues will be scanned from the books and the year books that later followed. Also we will pay fair market value for any issues we do not have in the original magazine form if you have any just email me. our goal is to have every issue in the digital archive and to promote them as the tool they were meant to be when the delta education department was formed.

This also gives me a public chance to thank all the people at Delta who were involved in this project. The New delta has embraced the original Delta in a very exciting way. This project is just the beginning of great things from this old and Delta in a couple of days i will decide what issue will go up next and i am curious if any of you have a request for a specific issue ill be sure to get it up if we have it. just post here or email me if you have a desire

Re: Perfect Bevels on a Bench Grinder

and it is nowhere as fine of an edge as a Tormek. You may please a few poor people with this claim but for those of us who own a nice wet grinder like a Tormek we know the difference as well as you do. I am great on the grinder always have been but my best day on a bench grinder was never as good as my worst day with a Tormek. I just spent 3 months with the top sharpening tools in the world and the Tormek is the best of the crowd. High end woodworking is not a poor mans gig.I hate to say even hand tools are expensive and no tool works well dull I fear you are giving people the idea that the grinder does as good a job as a Tormek this claim will ruin you credibility as too many independent tool testers have said it again and again Tormek is the best edge a tool can get. I would use hand whetstones from several companies before I would trust a grinder to put a fine edge on a tool IMHO

Re: Nora Hall, 1922-2011


I am very sad about her loss she was pure dynamite a real go getter she will be missed I am glad that her family will continue her legacy the world is not the same with out you Nora we all love and miss you

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